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Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes

I love shoes. I have way too many of them. I have sooooo many that I probably need a house altogether just to give them a good life ... and more necessarily to store them of course. More than half of them are back home, in India and but I have managed to create quite-a-collection right here in the shopper's heaven called America :o) I recently read somewhere that 'if diamonds are a girl's best friend then shoes are a woman's best friend.'

There are so many choices that I cannot control myself ... Colors, heels ... boots,pumps ... the choices are unlimited. I should mention that I have not shopped a single item-out-of-temptation in last 30 days (may be out of need ... but that too sparsely). But I have been flipping through magazines again and there are things I like ... One of those things is this beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin which I cannot get my eyes off! What do I do? I want them ... are you listening Santa?!?!


This week I have been catching up on this new show on CBS, "The Good Wife". It's a drama with the underbelly of law and politics. Lately, I did not watch shows like these. I am more incline to watch easy-going-pointless-chick-flick kinda stuff but I had heard some good buzz about the show so decided to give it a shot. Seven episodes later, I still like it. It is sharp, edgy, with some good thrilling-suspense. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed watching the court-room dramas, I have to admit, I missed them! Move over Vampires, it's time for some real drrrama ...!


Blogging has been great for my soul. I realize that the day I am feeling lonely or need someone to listen to my useless blabber, all I have to do is log-in and type-away. I wake up next day and my 'inbox' is filled with love and support. One of the benefits of being a girl - You can always rely on the Girl Power (How cheesy do I sound right now??!).

On that note, here's signing off, with the sun setting on my Sunday and Monday morning staring in my face with so many errands to run ...


  1. Hey "good wife" Tanvi, I am sure Santa knows that you've been good! Here's signing the shoe petition to Santa on your behalf....May your feet always move in style!

  2. Yes, I know about your fetish for shoes! :)

    Dont know abt The Good Wife...hasn't hit the Indian screens, but I'll google it! Am still SO hung up on Greys Anatomy...5th season playig back here...LOVE that show!

    And yeah, on closing note, keep the blogs coming!

    And I almost forgot...GirlPower Rules baby :)

    Have a great Monday!

  3. We all know your love for shoes n bags.
    May Santa c u using what you have.
    Enjoy in front of mirror.(PJ i kno)

  4. Shhhoe Fetish, AnitaNovember 16, 2009 at 4:09 AM

    Ahhhh..the shoes...You can never have enough of it..and you know the BEST THING about it...your size doesn't change (for most) So I don't feel heartbroken when can't fit into them...the sentiments that arise when your dress size changes. Shoes are to be saved...and I have realized that it's worth every penny to spend on CLASSICS or BASICS because those last you years and years to come..just like the handbags :-p (next blog?) So on that note, the shoe is a beauty!

    Will check out Good Wife..but before you abandon the vampire series, please check out The Vampire Diaries. For once, I love the bad guy :-p

  5. Meetu D - Aapke mooh mein Ghee-Shakar (Or watever substitute you want)

    Anu - I am addicted to Grey's too ... I watch way too much TV! One of the reason I cannot write daily blog :P

    Anon - Thanks :o)

    Ani - I know. Even if I think I have enough ... I cannot resist when I find another 'pretty' one. I will check Vampire Dairies :o)

  6. Me loveeeeeee shoes too!!! No matter how many you have.....its never enough!

  7. Priscila BarrenecheaNovember 17, 2009 at 10:43 PM



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