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Beauty, is but supported by opinion

Aishwarya Rai photographed by Dabboo Ratnani


You know, how everyone keeps quoting,"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"? I think it's bull****! You are either really beautiful or only-beautiful-in the-eyes-of-the beholder. Don't worry I don't have any self-deprecating-tendencies. I actually think I am quite fabulous the way I am. In fact, I love the mirror ... not because I am vain ... but actually because I am kind-of-a bathroom actor, (you know, how there are bathroom singers) but never mind about that .

I am quite aware that I am not 'that' beautiful (of course I mean on the outside). Though I can look attractive on demand (with help of make-up and fabulous fashion-sense). I remember from many ... many years ago when my Mom had caught me gazing at the mirror, she said, "First-of-all you are not that beautiful, but had you been, you would have lived in rooms filled with mirrors!" I know, it sounds mean, but it wasn't. It was actually funny. The best trait of our family is that we can actually say the 'truth' without being taken too seriously!

Getting back to my original story, I think majority of people are average looking with attractive features here-and-there (or not!). And specially, when someone throws that 'beholder' line, for sure, you ought to know you are average looking (only beautiful to your 'someone-special'). But everyone's got hope as long as you have a good stylist or a decent style-sense! Do not get all philosophical on me here ... I know looks are not all-that-matters. But I am just, saying!


Fitness is bang-on schedule. I have been traveling non-stop for the past month but that hasn't affected my weight/health at all. I workout whenever I get a chance. I watch what I eat. Healthy lifestyle has 'finally' become second nature to me. I have, for the first time, started doing Yoga on my own (without going to a class or instructor). It has helped me stay in focus, streamline my thoughts and emotions, work through any conflicting thoughts or confusion. I wish I had started it long before ... but better late than never!

Plus, I forgot to mention, Yoga has given my body this great lean posture. It straightens your spine and makes you feel taller and linear. I am not sure if I am being able to explain it the way it is supposed to ... but it kind-of makes you stand tall (in correct posture) which automatically adds inches to your height (and God knows I wish, I was 2inches taller, but this sure will suffice!).


  1. Missed ya blog all happy to have you back..........plz keep em' rolling daily ....

  2. Yes, missed your blog! Glad you're back...

    And wow about your thoughts on Yoga..I wish to try it myself.

    And Girl...I got very inspired reading your blog all these days...have started to keep an eye on my weight (have been suffering from some 'weighty' issues of late!)

    And love your thoughts on beauty..I believe one should feel fabulous just the way they are!

    Lots of love!

  3. Frizzly Bear, AnitaNovember 12, 2009 at 3:03 AM

    BEAUTIFUL-LY written :-p

    I actually remember your mom passing that comment in your bedroom here. Because you had your dressing table to your left and opposite your bed you had mirrors. So how much ever you DID NOT want to stare into them, you had them pretty much around you! You used to stare at the mirrors more than studying maths :-p

    But yeah, makeup, fashion and haircut can transform anybody to a more gorgeous version of themselves. Especially well-groomed hair makes a big difference :-p Remember the frizzy days? (Hence, today, I shall put extra effort on the hair..It's the WEEEKEND!!!) :-)

    Enjoy blogging...because we are!

    p.s. awesome photograph

  4. So very true!
    Looks can b transformed with fashion & accesaries.Yoga helps inner beauty spread outside.
    Mirror supports self appreciation.
    Well explained.Keep it on.
    Love you.

  5. Very amusing and LOL portions! But of course wise portions too!

  6. Viintii - Babes, I try! But I am getting busier with lots on my plate but I will try, really :o)

    Anu - Lova ya too babes! I am glad to be your inspiration. Helps me keep going too ...

    Ani -Hahah! I do remember your Frizzy hair. You remember the Prom disaster? Hahah. P.S. I am glad you like the photos I choose. I like having your approval.

    Mom - I am do glad to have you on my team now. Poor Tanuj. No one is on his team with you and Dad both on mine. Haha .. don't tell him I said that!

    Meetu D - I just try to keep it entertaining *wink*

  7. Tanvi, you are not only beautiful to your someone special!! You are also beautiful to me! Yoga seems to work on you perfectly!! and let me share with you my trick: belly dance :)

  8. Dude!! it has been sooo long since i saw your blogs (they never show up on newsfeed)-and now i see this (yipee)!! YOU ARE STUNNING not just beautiful:) is a combination of brain, body, and looks (not just face, but hair as well). Tell me one area where you dont score 10/10. I think if i ever get on the fitness track (emphasis on IF), i would pick you as a real life role model cuz i haven't come across anyone as dedicated + fit as ms. beautiful-keep it up and keep the blogs coming:):)

  9. Tanvi, I love your blogs. Thanks for the wedding wishes! Hope to see you sooner than later.

  10. Enid - You are so good to me. I have always known you to be full of nice things to say about everyone. Thank You :o) And I have been meaning to try Belly Dance for a long time. Thanks again for reminding me. May be I will try it sooner ...

    Sarika - Wow! So many compliments. Thanks 'dude' :o) I am speechless. I hope all's well with you. I wish you all the health & fitness in the world :) Take Care!

    Christina -Your daily status updates have been motivating me ... so Thanks YOU! Will see you soon, hopefully. :)


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