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It is ... What it is!

I am sure everyone had a great Diwali, as I can see from all the pictures the
whole world has posted. Don't get me wrong, I am glad that everyone had a good one, I just wish I had a more 'sparkling' one too! Nonetheless, I am glad it's over and now we can move on to the festivals which are celebrated in this part of the world! Yippee! (Thank God, my grandmother doesn't read my blog, else she would be a little upset...) - Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas (my favorite)!

My cousin posted this Video on facebook, which then my brother very proudly re-posted on his profile. My other younger cousins (who are still in their teens) also seemed to have liked the video (surprise! surprise!) ... What was it about? - Russel Peters performing a stand-up about Women. While I am no feminist, but I rarely feel I can be categorized as one of the 'females' discussed (type-casted) in a stereotypical way by men, movies, tv-shows, etc. That is probably why I do not find comedy in such shows/discussions. I am not mad that women are portrayed the way-they-are (for I am sure such bimbos exist), I only wonder when will someone wake-up and smell the coffee and realize that there are women who don't give-a-hoot about what people think about them and their lives do not revolve around their hair/nails/clothes/ and even feeeelings all the time. No wonder I always relate to either the striaght-forward or the ambitious or the mean characters in the American sitcoms (e.g. Dr. Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy, Jordan Sullivan from Scrubs, Edie Britt from Desperate Housewives, etc.).

I mean, come on ... looking good is every girl's asset so we dress-to-kill and then ... move on. Yes, women are more sensitive and emotional than men but that doesn't mean that they are in any less control of their feelings. And NO! we do not always want to know what 'men' are thinking or for that matter, not thinking. The only reason 'some-of-us' might ask 'what's on your mind' is coz you have 'that' worried look! Else, Naaah! we are fine ... you don't have to share your every passing thought with us. As Russel Peters said, we have enough of our own!

By the way, before anyone jumps on me for sharing my thoughts (as I am aware that my brothers, cousins included, read my blog), Russel Peters spoke about a lot of other stuff that 'Women do' [apparently], which I am sure is true but this is what I wanted to talk about, okay? So, Peace! *wink*


  1. Have not watched this video...but I am with you on the points you make! Prolonged joking about women comes from men who are insecure :-)

  2. U think ur JOKEY, AnitaOctober 20, 2009 at 4:49 AM

    By the way, I saw the video just coz of ur blog and honestly i think that boys do that more!!!!!

    it wasn't such a funny video actually. If he had to make fun, it would have been better!

    All in good humor, but the boys can't even "THINK" the joke right! :-p

  3. Thank You for having my back Ladies :o)


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