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Fairy Tales Do Come True!

I am back without an ounce of holiday weight! ... that's my idea of a Fairy Tale. If anything, I lost 0.5 kg in last week - Thanks to walking around the London City in High Heels! I have to admit, it feels good. I feel like a Super Woman. It is like a battle WON!

I have not mentioned this before but I have to tell it now. The studio I workout at, with Veronica, is 'ironically' opposite a Donut place. Often, when the weather is pleasant, we step outside the studio for a run or other exercises. It is absolutely entertaining to see the expression of the people picking up Donuts from the Drive-Thru window or even the people working behind the window. In spite of about a 100-feet distance one can actually see the disparaging expression in their eyes or the disapproving short-nod of the neck. I am quite sure that unknowingly I spoil their morning pleasure of a donut, but also equally unknowingly they make me go 'that' extra mile. Win-Win!

Lastly, it's Deepavali today, festival of lights (not sound). The best thing I like about any Indian festival is the innate feeling of letting go. On festivals we forget all the grievances and forgive all our adversaries. We can't help but! It's a joyous occasion with lots of sweets and gifts and guests. It's one day when everyone away from home ... wishes they were home.

So, may all our homes be filled with light and hearts with warmth.

Wishing everyone a very Happy & Prosperous - Shubh Deepavali!


  1. happy diwali tanvi - keep writing, you are absolutely mind blowingly entertaining and brilliant.. :-)

  2. Thanks Shivi! You made my Diwali a little more brighter :o)

  3. In other words--Do not Donut!
    Happy happy 2 u 2!

  4. diWAHli high, AnitaOctober 16, 2009 at 5:54 PM

    Happppy Mithai Day! :-) (fat-free mithai ok?) And since you may not find the bengali sweets awesomeness there, maybe u miteee just have to indulge in that donut once! All in the spirit of Diwali!

  5. Love your blog,
    You'r adorable . . . .
    A stunning Diwali and a long life of love, joy and peace your way :o)

  6. Happy Diwali everyone. I hope you all had a lot of fun. Mine is very sad and quite! Miss home :(

  7. A very Happy Diwali.May u have fun at home very soon:).

  8. You look so hot!
    Thats where I want to be after losing weight!=)


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