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Day 56 - Game Over


8 weeks offically end today, people! I didn't even realise and the time just flew by me ... but unfortunately I have to admit that I only managed to lose 5 out of 8 pounds *sad.face* Neverthless I feel the thinnest, fittest, and the best! Also, my flexibility has improved phenomenally. Hail Yoga!

By the way, I was not even able to follow even one of the 8 Not-To-Do Rules I had set for myself. I ended up breaking each one of them at one point or the other.
  1. No Starbucks [I had it once on my visit to Austin]
  2. No Alcohol [I had about 5 drinks over the period of 8 weeks]
  3. No Desserts [I had one every weekend]
  4. No food after 7pm [Well, had some light snakcs once in a while, when I couldn't resist]
  5. No Popcorn at movies [I had them once]
  6. No Traveling for 8 weeks [I am in London, need I say more?]
  7. No meals outside [I ate atleast 5 meals out over the period of 8 weeks]
  8. No Oil in food or even Salad dressings [ Didn't use Salad Dressings, but a tablespoon of oil was impossible to avoid while cooking]

Today we were again blessed with a sunny day and a light drizzle which only lasted for about 5 minutes (so I'm not complaining!). Today's choice was Green Park (for the morning run) ... simply for a change of scenery. Green Park is bang-opposite The Buckingham Palace, which again brought back childhood memories ... but don't worry I am not about to 'jog" down memory lane again. Instead, I think right now the "current" stay in London is equally exciting.

Since that first visit, I have returned to this city innumerable times but the charm still remains. I will always love London ... It's an on-going affair since last 13 years ...

P.S. Thank you, all for joining me on my daily quest of 8 X 8 :o)

Week 8 - Day 56 - 11th October 2009 - GAME OVER!


  1. Tanvi, first off all, congrats! You did two things every day that are the hardest in the world...writing and exercising! You did awesome--for yourself and the rest of us. Second, 8x8 was an experience not merely a single goal. It was an alteration of consciousness, and one that will serve you well for the rest of your life. AND, last but not the least....You will continue to lost fat and inches as the results of the hard work will keep rewarding you over the next few weeks.
    So great job! And hope you are archiving these blog posts for your book.

  2. Though i had not set ne rules for myself,u r the winner.I can follow only first 2rules!!
    I have put on 2kgs since u left eventhough we keep fasts.
    Papa is dreaming again for a tour with his family.May GOD bless his dreams come true so that v can have fun.His favourite city is LONDON.But v shall tour the places not seen):
    Pl do puja in ur so called mandir.p

  3. I hope you'll keep on writing T. I'm sure your avid readers like me have gotten used to your daily anecdotes!

    We can have new goals, new projects...may be another 8X8..what say ?

  4. Silent Reader - Again :o)October 12, 2009 at 2:53 AM

    Hey! Congratulations!
    I hope you will listen to Ashish & keep writing though....if not on a daily basis alternate days? :P
    I've lost another 1.5 kgs since I last spoke to you and the entire credit is yours to take! :D Big-healthy-treat on me when we meet next...whenever we do! :)
    My hubby says u currently have more influence on my life than him but he doesn't mind *wink wink* Keep writing n inspiring!
    Have a great time in London and visit Maroush for me....its one of the few places I truly miss! :(

  5. Gol with no Goal, AnitaOctober 12, 2009 at 4:59 AM

    The Big (w)Eight is over!

    Good Going Girls. I'm glad you broke some of those 'rules' because that only proves that on the quest of being fit you are not forgetting how to live it up also! Great JOB! (by the way who can resist DESSERT once in a while na?)

    Now that you have got the discipline of writing everyday also, you can cultivate that further, too. (like maybe send me some nice loooong emails :-p )

    Anyways, enjoy London. It's so good that u are getting awesome weather. I guess I was the only one jinxed with the cooooold. Did u have waffle with icecream?

  6. Meetu D - Thank you so much for your contant support and positive re-inforcements. You were a constant motivation for me in terms of writing at least, coz I knew you were gonna read :o)

    Mom - I will definitely do Puja for you too :P Whenever I see you next I am putting you on a healthy diet ... and start going for your morning walks and Yoga, please! Tell Dad, we will go for a vacation sooooooooooooooooooon!!!

    Husband - I will definitely keep writing. I am addicted to it, myself :P ... Yes, time to set new goals ... working on it :)

  7. Silent Reader - Thank You! & Congrats on your continuous success. And Trust me when I say that it's got nothing to do with me but your own dedication. Believe me becoz I am not the modest one ... I always take the credit when I deserve :o) I will definitely try and go to Maroush. Say Hi! to your hubby and Hope to see you both soon and get my treat *wink*

  8. Ani-Ani-Ani Thank You for being my regular reader and ACTUALLY taking the time to comment on EVERY SINGLE POST! I Love You :o)

    Annd YeS! I do not feel guilty about breaking the rules. Becoz I have to live ... after all :)

    I will write you a long long email once I am back home. Trust me I am being completely faithful to you and not shopping much this time! :)

  9. Here is another silent reader:p
    Congrats! you did such a great job!

    Are you going to set another goal?
    If you are, I'd love to join.. hehe ^^

  10. Hongmi - Finally you made it to the comments :o) Yay! We set our next goal together! What say?

  11. Vikram HiranandaniOctober 16, 2009 at 2:19 PM

    Congratulation Tanvi -- I still think you did great and enjoy London

  12. oh 8 weeks up-- wow time sure flies... was it the same for u??? anyways keep it up (which im sure u will)


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