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Day 55 - The Pilgrimage ... continues

The Travels ... continues
I woke up to a warm-sunny-morning today. We, the ‘fitness-obsessed’ siblings, went for a run in the Hyde Park, first thing in the morning (… and … oh! what a morning!) God is kind (or whoever was controlling the weather up there today is kind). I lived in London for 2 years and every weekend decided to go for a run in Hyde Park, but my lazy-ass always found a reason for not going. Alas! I went finally and it was a refreshing experience. We are sure to repeat it tomorrow morning.

So, continuing my story from last night … I discovered my second favorite movie i.e.
Dirty Dancing, on my first trip to London. For the couple of days that we were at The Ritz, the movie kept re-running on one of the channels, and thus I ended up viewing it several times in just one trip. Recently when Patrick Swayze passed away, I was quite sad. He was one of the first Hollywood actors, whom I could recognize by name and face, both.

The hotel was as posh as it gets, from the doorman, to the receptionist, to even their housemaids! At times it seemed they were serving The Queen, and we were not up to their standards … hahah …! I remember that one of the days we were refused to enter the Breakfast Room in spite of being their house guests occupying two suites. Why? … Apparently we were not appropriately dressed for that room, as we were in Jeans and sneakers. Since we were heading out to Windsor for a day trip, straight after the breakfast, we didn’t think it was necessary to dress-up just for a mere breakfast. Of course we were wrong! Although they did make an exception and allowed us to have our breakfast, but only with a warning! Now that’s fancy!

We did the complete tourist-y thing … seeing the city on the red bus (which is all over the world now, but once was a London novelty). I found Buckingham Palace quite top-notch royalty. London Museum made me very angry. They had all these jewels and artillery and of course the Kohinoor, from our country (which I still believe, they should return already!). I didn’t have any interest in Natural History Museum, so that was a boring part of the trip. Harrods seems quite ostentatious. London eye wasn’t built yet (it was only opened in 1999), which I visited alone, several years later, before leaving London for good.

The visit to London, England was special (or all the other cities I have visited in childhood) for one and only reason - Dad. (Daddy’s girl, strikes again! :P) He doesn’t ever say No! for anything to me. (
I am sure he doesn’t refuse anything to my mother or brother, either, but I would like to believe I am the special one … hehehe) He is a total-sport and is always willing to do anything that we want to do, whether it’s site-seeing, shopping, theme parks, or simply doing nothing. We only have to plan it and give him the logistics and he just moves his magic wand and makes our wishes come true…!

I am sure even
The Queen doesn’t have that luxury :o)

Week 8 | Day 55 | 10th October 2009


  1. Walking down the memory lane with you is always a pleasure!

    Keep it 'running'! :)

  2. Super-'Religious', AnitaOctober 11, 2009 at 5:30 AM

    I hope the pilgrimage (every day) ends at Selfridges- our Mandir :-)

    Haha, I remember the Hyde Park running kept running in the minds for a loooong time, but that didn't help in losing any weight :-p

    Enjoy, Queen Tanvi! HAIL!

  3. When you can stick to fitness on a trip, now that's dedication!

  4. Husband - Thanks :o) Kiss!

    Ani - I do ring the bell at our "Mandir" once a day!

    Meetu D - It's passion now! :o)

  5. Wow... I started enjoying running too.. In my hubby's words it's a no-non sense cardio. So what u 2 upto in London? I'm getting back to Atlanta now and honestly I'm so o exhausted the idea of reaching home is blissful & listening to P S sing ' she's like the wind ' does something to me

  6. I agree with your Hubby! It is NO NONSENSE cardio. Share pictures from your trip! :o) Talk to you when I get back to San An!


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