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Day 54 - Yearly pilgrimage to Londres!

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London London London ... I love London. In spite of it's weather, high currency exchange rate, not-so-friendly-people, ... I still love it. I landed today morning in to the city with clear sky, little sun shine and pleasant temperatures (by London standards). Strolled around Central London for 5 hours ...absorbing everything that crossed my eyes. P.S. The city has such awesome fashion sense. It's perfect for me as I like to dress classy and quirky, both at the same time! And now that I am skinny, I can 'legally' rock that style (it's good for my ego sometimes to use the word skinny, instead of fit).
Flying into London also made me jog down the memory lane ... (I love revisiting my 'happy memories' and reliving them every chance I get). The first time I came to London was in May 1996 (seems soooo long ago. I was only 14! Wow!). Oh! but I fell in love with the city, instantly. As a kid, I had heard from someone that Heathrow was one of the busiest airports in the world and a flight took off (or landed ... can't remember) every 2 minutes. So remembering this anecdote,when we got out of the airoport, I kept looking into the sky to count the number of airplanes I could see! (Silly ... but cute ... now that I think)

The cool and wet weather was a welcome escape for me from the Indian Summers (especially Delhi in May = Burning Hell). I have always hated humidity. It makes me extremely irritable. How can you possibly smile with sweat dripping down your face? London was pleasant. It rainded a lot but I didn't see that as a problem. It only meant we had to buy & use colorful umbrellas and may be even wear bright floroscent rain-coats **. Besides we were using cabs to get everywhere, so what's the big fuss :P

The black cabs were so adorable and cute,too. I loved riding in them (even later in life when I wasn’t a tourist, I liked using them once-in-a-while). For some reason I distinctly remember humming the song ‘chup tum raho … chum hum rahien’ (From the movie – Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin, click here to listen) the first time I sat in the cab, all the way till the hotel.

I was also quite taken by the florescent vests, that I saw all the police officers were sporting, while riding their cool bikes. You can understand my attraction to even their vests, considering I was comparing everything to my home country.

The whole trip was amazing but the cherry on the top was our stay at
The Ritz Hotel (highlight of most … if not all my holidays is the accommodation). Our luxurious Suite with authentic English d├ęcor made me feel like The Queen herself, of course, I hadn’t seen The Buckingham Palace yet!

It was on this holiday and here at The Ritz that I discovered my second favorite English movie of-all-time as well … but more about that tomorrow, in my next post. Right now time to hit-the-bed and wake up early for some English Breakfast, What say?

Week 8 | Day 54 | 9th October 2009


  1. It was a very descriptive read, baby. I actually visited your childhood while reading it.

    You know how they made the movie - 'The time traveler's wife'. Someone can actually make 'The globetrotter's husband' on me. LOL!

  2. This blog has taken me back to my 1st Europe tour with wonderfull memories.Seeing the Kohinoor,I remember u saying these ppl stole valuables fm all over the world.We shud take them back.:p
    Have fun.

  3. Enjoy! If you have the time or inclination, check out hubby and my all time favorite Indian restaurant. It is also in London and called Cafe Spice Namastey and here is the link
    The chef is Parsi and makes awesome Indian fusion cuisine. They do custom stuff so they could accommodate your "skinny food" requirements.

  4. The A is missing, T&TOctober 10, 2009 at 6:04 PM

    Very cute :-)

    You are spot on right about London's fashion. Somehow it looked like effortlessly people just fit into the fashionable category without trying too hard. a Coat, a good pair of boots and a nice bag. Right out of the posters flashing around Oxford street.

    Oh how I miss it. I don't know if I would be able to live there- simply because I could not take the REALLY cold weather, but everyting about London felt FREE. When i stepped out of there, did I really realize how much I really enjoy it.

    Anyways, enjoy the shopping and the eating. The magic of london is everytime u visit as a tourist, it's a whole new experience all over again. I hope this trip is the same for u.

    Ashish: I LOVE YOUR IDEA!

    Tanvi, I would love to see some photographs of London's special places. So I would love to see each of your London blogs with a photograph best describing the mood of the blog :-) (for me!)

    Muah! Go crazy with tanooooj!

  5. Husband - Haha! Now, don't sharminda me ;)

    Mom - Haha! Yeah I mentioned that story in the next blog. It was fun times, though!

    Meetu D - I have heard of this restaurant. I will try and check it out.

    Ani - I am loving the current fashion of leggings, flat boots, and jackets :o) I will try and click pictures accordingly. Miss U always :o)

  6. i loved ur description bhabhii .. it feels im sitting in london ... have a grt tymm ... loveeee soomyaa :)


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