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Day 53 - 'Sweet' Lovin'


Sheetal - This one is for you. Check out this video (Click Here) and you will know exactly why I hate & love this exercise. If you do try please let me know what you 'really' thought! *evil.laughter*


I and Hubby went out to Baskin-Robbins last night to try their new flavor of the month (suggested by Anita). And if that wasn't enough ... we had two jumbo scoops of the ice cream. Our excuse? We were celebrating Karvachauth. Anyone who doesn't know what that is ... Please Google it! Sorry! :P It's an Indian ritual when the wife fasts the whole day (without a drop of water or food) for her husband's long life. Don't ask me the logic. It's just how it is. P.S. There is no ritual for husband to return the favors btw! Weird, right?!?!

Although, you know what? .. for the first time, after ages, I was not guilty. I had a very satisfying experience of giving-into your cravings. I indulged! It was almost karmic ... :P alright ... alright I am being a little drama-queen about it ... but what I am trying to say is that I enjoyed it as I knew I am in control of my body and I don't have to worry about getting behind on my 'desired rate of achieving the set goals' . However, people who are inspired by me please do not indulge just yet! ... Unless you are VERY sure that you are capable of controlling your cravings and are not going to binge. Indulgence should be just a one time thing ... ! P.S. I paid for the calories this morning during the 5 miles I ran!

This & That

I am keeping this one short. You will soon know why!
One more day to weekend, Yay!

Week 8 | Day 53 | 8th October 2009


  1. I love this poem since my childhood.
    A good medicine to get into chillmood,
    an excellent excuse for outings,long drive...etc.etc..
    But i never crave for ne food..God knows why???
    Have fun):


    Icecream makes the world a better place to live in :-)

    Will miss u! Enjoyyy!

  3. Mom & Ani - Another thing you guys have in common - Ice Creams :o)


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