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Day 51 - The Reader

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I finally saw the movie - The Reader. Kate Winslet is unbelievable. What an amazing actress! A) I love British accent, B) I love her nonchalant responses in interviews. Quote : "My skin still crawls if you call me a movie star. I get embarrassed. I think, don't be ridiculous. Maybe it's because I'm British. To me, Julia Roberts that's a movie star." I can literally hear her say that with a charming smile and a lost expression in her eyes. After Revolutionary Road, The Reader, and Little Children, she has a fan in me. And people who know me will tell you that once I am a fan, it's for life!

However, the reason for this post is not Kate Winslet or her growth as an artist. Actually, I was thinking about the book and movie - The Reader, the whole day, today. As a teenager, I had a habit of picking up books which were recently published and not yet read by anyone. I still, rarely read reviews for books or movies. I like to make my own opinions about everything without a 'review' telling me what to expect. P.S. I do ask for suggestions from friends when in need for a good read, though.

I had read the novel - The Reader, by Bernhard Schlink sometime in 1998, I suppose. I had moved to Dubai in April 1998 and my new school was not due to start till September. So all I did was read, read ... and chat [Thanks to Namrata ;)]. I distinctly remember that the book was extremely disturbing for my sensibilities at that age.

In general, the movies have an advantage of being Rated (R/A/PG) but what about the books? Clearly there is no control over what material is available for whom to read. I personally feel that books give a greater power of imagination than what a movie ever could. In fact, a movie can easily limit your imagination to what you see on screen but books ... they open up the gate of limit-less possibilities and interpretations. While reading books have many benefits for a growing mind, I am sure it could easily mutilate it as well, don't you think? Parents cannot control what a teenage reads (at the library, borrowed books from friends, e-books, etc), so who can? I wonder ..! Well, Thank God I am all grown-up and I have no kids! Phew!

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Nothing much to share on Food & Fitness. It's the usual routine ... sweat it out ... and then raid the pantry. So far ... So good ... Bon Nuit!

Week 8 | Day 51 | 6th October 2009


  1. Haven't read the book! Maybe will do once I finish my new book lot I raided at Magrudy's!

    :-) I am glad I am a reader and I hope that my kids go on me!

    Whether anyone may be there or not, but books are always there

  2. I agree, Ani! I was only making a point about what is appropriate to read at what age ... who decides?

  3. I agree wit u when u say that while reading the buks we r free wit r imaginations whereas the theatre blocks it..... i dnt remember the example of such a kind but... yes when i saw the movie made on the book i had read it ws a distaster against what i had imagined while reading the book....
    il let u kno the name of the book as soon as i recollect- i guess it ws da vinci code !!

  4. Sheeba - I didn't like Da vinci's Code (movie) at all... in fact i believe it was the first movie ever that I actually fell asleep in!

  5. Hi. I read the book in first or second year of college ( I am in 4th year now) and loved it .. loved the movie also.. What I specially loved about the book was the lifestyle of a woman in germany during the early 20th century ...


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