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Day 49 - Dial 1-800-Calm

Tanvi - Namrata - Anita
She probably wouldn't like being seen or mentioned on the Blog, but I'll take the risk.


I was reading that Pisceans are more inclined to be friends with people with whom they have common interests and impulses. Hmmm ... I don't know why would 'they' single-out just US (I have finally decided I am a Pisces and not a cusp!). Isn't everyone more likely to make friends with people whom they have something in common with? In my case, I think I automatically like everyone who likes me ... (of course I am vain) ... but also it makes sense ... Think about it. It reduces my time and energy in making efforts to make people like me ... instead it's so much easier if they simply decide on their own and like me for who I am!

Everyone knows Anita by now, I am sure. She is a fellow Piscean too, however, we are very different people (except being part of the Shop-a-holic, Choc-a-holic, Wine-a-holic Group). But this post is about another friend of mine, Namrata. We, too, are literally poles-apart. We do-not have anything in common, in terms of habits, interests (except movies), fashion, or upbringing. She is a Virgo. Nevertheless, she is my speed-dial for reality-check. She never mirrors my views or opinions or emotions (on anything!) instead always gives a more level-headed solution or reasoning. Therefore, when I need someone to tell me "Stop-shopping" I shall dial-Nam. She is not the one to pity with you ... she will tell you to get-your-act-together and make things happen for yourself.

I do not think she is even aware of how she has single-handedly shaped up my life post-Delhi. She was the first person I met in Dubai and the first friend I made there. She chose my high-school for me, she chose my subjects, the friends I made in Dubai were her friends first, she told me all these cool books to read, movies to watch, etc. etc. Had I not met her, my life and experiences would have been quite different and I would have missed out on a lot of stuff!

So the point I am making here is that everyone should have one friend who would show them the mirror and tell them the reality instead of always agreeing with them. I am glad I have had that in her ... but she does abuse her rights sometimes ... *grin*


One more week to go ... but that doesn't really mean anything ... I am on a life-long mission to stay fit. Oh! that reminds me ... it came to my notice that may be some of you think, that just because I am on the 8 X 8 Project, is why I go to the gym regularly (that's so not the case). I have been working out regularly (minimum 5 times a week) for almost 5 years now. This 8 X 8 thing was just my idea of losing the 'holiday-weight' I had put on in India.

This & That

The weekend is over (and I am already having Monday Morning Blues on Sunday night itself!). I have also been a little under the weather. I am going to try and get my immunity up and get back to my original energy levels.

Y'll have a nice week ahead!
(Imagine me saying it in a thick Southern accent)

Week 7 | Day 49 | 4th October 2009


  1. Thank you tanvi - very touching :)
    Btw, the last comment on your moschino tights was from me - buy it! not a very level-headed advise, now the mantra is mostly, want it? screw it and do it! And may i add you forgot the most important thing we share .... "sole mates"

  2. Tanvi,
    Your writing just gets better and better! Great post!

  3. Red Ginger - :o) How could I forget that. One reason to always stay friends - same shoe size :P Well since you aren't being level-headed ... may I use my own head then ... !

    Meetu D - Thank You! Means A LOT coming from you!

  4. Piscean's Rock, AnitaOctober 6, 2009 at 4:01 AM

    Awww..Red Ginger, that's her name. How can I forget?

    That photograph is so OH MY GOD!

  5. Ani - OMG in a good way or bad way? ;)


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