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Day 46 - Face: The Mirror of your Health

Photography Courtesy Ilan Rubin

Today morning Woody was interacting again with the listening audience. Anyone wondering who Woody is? I suggest you starting reading the Blog from Day 1 (homework for the day ... hahaha). His topic was - How many women would die before they are ever caught without make-up in public? The only time I apply that guuu on my face is when there is something reeeeaaaaaalllllyyyy formal or I simply feel like 'feeling pretty' :P . He was actually surprised (in fact, I think his actual words were, "You all are liars") when 90% of the women called in saying they don't use make-up on daily basis.

I think healthy skin is wayyy more important to me. I feel that make up simply clogs my open pores (Currently my only envy are: Women with No pores and porcelain-like skin). I, specially, hate it when the bloody foundation rubs on to my clothes. Also, getting the damn make-up off is a huge ordeal ( ... rubbing your eyes to make sure all the mascara is out without having a black-eye, etc. etc. ... Oh! why God why?) ... I am sure it's very clear that I hate make-up (of course).

Audrey Tautou photographed by Max Vadukul for Chanel
Love her face :o)

By the way, while on the topic of make up ... can I just suggest ... , Please do try Mineral Make-Up (if you haven't already). I promise you, after trying it once you wouldn't ever wanna go back to liquid foundation or the other stuff. I have been using Mineral Make-Up (Brand - bareMinerals) since June 2009 and it is sooooooo good. The Foundation is super smooth, and light (feather weight). Most importantly it doesn't clog my pores and I feel absolutely naturale.


I believe I am quite content with my workout progress in last 6 weeks. I still hate my legs and abdominal area, but more about that another time. Besides, I am trying to stay positive - Learning to love my Body! After all, my body 'carries' me every single day and helps me achieve so much in life. It would be really 'mean' of me to keep complaining regardless of how much my body keeps up with me. The lesson I learnt this week, that loving myself gives me a lot of confidence to face the daily roller-coaster of life ... (Wah! What Food for Thought) *wink*

Week 7 | Day 46 | 1st October 2009


  1. Hi , I would like to share of my exp.. When We are happy about our lives We tend to be positive & that Positiveness can b seen b every1 around us, Only Love & warmth of your loved ones can brin that So to remain Fit ... Love is so Important ... To love myself comes with loving every one...

    remaining Haelthy also reflects your relations with your Soul & your Almighty...

  2. Non-Skinny Happy Skinned, AnitaOctober 2, 2009 at 12:49 PM

    I stilll have to try mineral makeup. don't know where to find it. More than using makeup, I enjoy shopping for makeup. The colors just make it all so exciting!

    Audrey looks so beautiful indeed.

    I think that being happy really reflects on quality of skin too! The 'glow' of happiness does indeed exist. If only we could capture happiness in those makeup pots :-p I'd be super duper rich!

  3. Shweta - You are right. Happiness begets Happiness.

    Ani - I agree. The colors and packaging of make-up is extremely inviting. I think my least fav. item is foundation and concealer and Blush. Or I think it's actually that I only like eye make-up :o)

    Yes, of course inner happiness shows on skin but the cleanliness does also matter.


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