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Day 43 - Work in Progress

Photography courtesy Ashish Rastogi
Title by the photographer - 'Handicapped by love'

We are 6 weeks already into the Project 8X 8 ... Curious about my progress? Well, I have lost just-about 5 pounds and have a little over 3 pounds more to go ... and only 2 weeks at hand. I am still optimistic. I just might make it ... However, the scale doesn't tell how strong I have become, or if my endurance level has gone up, or if my fat % is going down, or I if I have lost inches ... Com'on people! I am NOT making excuses for myself ... just stating some facts which I have learnt over the years (by turning pages to Fitness magazines & Health books day-and-night!). P.S. Muscle weighs heavier than fat ... so one should also take that in account. No! Not another excuse, absolute truth ... but I really really hope that I am able to shed all eight pounds in next 2 weeks! else I will be a little disappointed in myself *sad.face*


Last week I think I got the best compliment, since I have started writing the blog. Don't worry people, I appreciate all your comments and feedback (specially since its all positive :P) but Veronica said the sweetest thing to me ... Firstly she had never read my blog until recently, as in her own words, "I am not much of a reader of anything but I enjoy reading your blog." She said she finds it funny and entertaining and the best part I liked was, "even if someone doesn't agree with your point of view, they want to read it for sure as it is well said". I thought that was the best compliment I have received on my writing since forever! It definitely made my week, I am still high on it :P

This & That

I stumbled upon this really cool website (Click here) where people have written Six-Word-Memoirs. It is like reading people's Facebook Status Updates or Tweets but only in 6 words this time. It's interesting and fun to read all the random stuff people have to say ... Check it out if you have time-on-hand!

Week 7 | Day 43 | 28th September 2009



  1. Congratulations!2 d Model n Photographer!
    U r looking calm and fit person.All the best for coming weeks.

  2. Tanvi, Let me tell u i have started wit the water therapy apart frm the gym thing.. i have kept an aim of having atleast 2 ltrs of H2O daily..... so .. and i love sweating it out at the gym.. and its inspiring when i feel i hve 2 get into a gud shape to fit into all those as said tiny weany clothes... :) i jus love all of this.... I wana keep goin !!!!
    Thanks to u again and thanks to ur blogs !!!!
    lov ya

  3. I Am One And Only, AnitaSeptember 29, 2009 at 12:12 PM


    By the way, ASHISH is really good with his photographer- tell him to pursue next!

    Loved the website! Quite innovative and interesting

    You can do it!! 2 weeks is a loong time.

  4. Thank You, All!

    Sheeba - I am glad you are enjoying working out. It's a good feel once you begin to enjoy it, right? My husband is enjoying workout as well. So with everyone joining the gym I believe positive energy is spreading throughout ... :)

    Ani - As soon as Ph.D is done A shall pursue is extra curricular activities, I am sure :o)

  5. You have already achieved your goal---of staying fit and helping others do the same. Congrats!

  6. Thanks Meetu D, but it wld be a cherry on the top if I can actually achieve the goals I had set out for ... :)

  7. Anita - Gracias madamoiselle! I shall ..I day for sure! :)


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