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Day 40 - What's Your Raashee?

Film Review

I am right out of the cinema and this review is fresh-out-of-the-oven. As always I like to give my verdict first and then explain why. So, I liked the movie but ...

It was a sweet, clean, entertaining movie (based on the novel 'Kimball Ravenswood' by Madhu Rye) with a potential to be excellent but unfortunately had some glitches. For the benefit of my non-Indian readers, I am talking about a Hindi movie which released this weekend - What's your Raashee? - (Raashee means Sun Sign in hindi). It's a story about an eligible bachelor, Mr. Yogesh Patel (from Chicago) in search for his prospective wife (through arranged marriage). He decides to meet 12 girls of 12 different sun signs and hopes to fall in love at-first-sight with one of them.

While the story is engaging and the performances believable, the duration of the movie is one of it's adversities. The story could have easily been said in under 2 hours (the movie is 3.5 hours long). The screenplay is very weak and doesn't bind the movie well. What I didn't understand is what was the criteria of choosing the 12 girls by the match maker (Uncle of Yogesh). It seemed he just did a lucky draw and picked out 12 different girls from each sun sign. While Ashutosh Gowariker (Director) takes his sweet time to build up the suspense, yet the climax seems rushed and unsatisfactory.

The music is strictly average as well. Mostly when you walk out of the movie there is one song that stays with you and you want to hear it on your way back home. Unfortunately, the album lacks any such track. Although some of the songs had sweet melody but nothing that I would wanna download on my iPod/iTouch! Oh! and the choreography of the songs was just terrible except the one with Mallika choreographed my Terence Lewis.

Priyanka's performance was first rate. I personally liked the character of Anjali (the first girl, Yogesh meets) the most. She really got under the skin of this character, I thought. However, the character of some of the other girl's she plays, are underwritten (like Kajal - the-college-going-bubble-gum-chewing-girl or Bhavna - the astrologer). The songs act as a hinderance in story. You never get to know the character because they always burst into a song (except Anjali & Jhankhana).

Harman Baweja was extremely likable and convincing in the character of Yogesh Patel. A much better performance in comparison to his previous movies. Everyone else was, I guess, appropriate for their parts!

Bottom line - Watch it only if you have 3.5 hours to waste, else wait for the DvD so that you can forward the annoying songs!

Week 6 | Day 40 | 25th September 2009


  1. I'm a MEEN Girl, AnitaSeptember 26, 2009 at 5:15 AM

    I completely agree with you on the following:

    * length of the movie
    * songs breaking the story
    * some characters were OK OK
    * terence rocks! (but mallika's story just ended weirdly like she got a fit or something)
    *climax was DUMB
    * I liked the first girl too. Sanjana looked pretty and i love JAAOO na.

    I liked priyanka. I simply like her acting and her take on things. I think she is a good actress, sadly the storyline should have been more developed. I think the success got to Ashutosh's head and he thought he could get away. (It it was termed as a musical, that would be a different story!) I hope the 'real' criticism gets him rooted again and next time he realizes he is not GOD and thinks twice before humiliating someone on national tv or even front of millions!

    By the way, don't you think that Vrishaka (Indralok) su-che girl story was WEEYARD? They said I will show my reality later and then what happened?

    Anyways, I like your movie reviews, keep it a constant on the blog!

    Jaaoo naaa!

  2. 3.5 hours in my mind = 2.3 movies! Get an editor already! Dunno what the directors are thinking? Time to shorten movies, folks.

  3. Reading the review of the movie i shall carry 2 big buckets of popcorn and avoid lunch at home.
    Thank u both.

  4. Ani - I am glad you liked it and I will consider your suggestion and may be write Review often :o)

    Meetu D - The movie was realllyyy tooo long. Ashutosh gotta hire an editor, you are right. All his movies have been 3-4 hours long!!!

  5. Mom - Let me know how you liked it :o)


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