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Day 37 - Spin my world

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I was almost thinking of giving up on blogging altogether for few days (as I am starting to already get bored of it) but somehow the guilt creeps in. As if I am breaking my promise (which I don't remember making with anyone) or cheating all you people (huh?!? Weird!). It's no surprise though, as half the things in life I do out of guilt or obligation which I never understand why/how seeps in to my brain in the first place? Psycho analysis, anyone?


I tried Spinning class (or RPM) in 2006, before that I had always seen people go crazy on a stationary bike but was too intimidated by the environment in the class to ever join it. Nevertheless, on an acquaintance's suggestion I tried the class and fell in love with it immediately. It is a fat-buster, people. You can easily burning anything from 500-1000 calories in an hour alone. You sweat like pig and it feel soooooooo good. However, one has to be very careful with their knees in this class. Sometimes if the resistance is high and you go all out you can damage your knees. Just an hour of spinning class can keep your spirits up for the whole day. Guaranteed!


I had heard from someone ... somewhere ... (not very reliable source, you can already see) that either you have an easy/comfortable/etc. life in your younger years or when you get old. Well, I am sure there are some unfortunate people who never have an easy life, but let's just focus on average-mediocre-people here. I guess, whoever-told-me-this-anecdote-on-life (whom I clearly don't remember) was trying to tell me that you have to break-your-bones at some point in your life. So this random thought got me thinking that, if so far my life was full of bliss and things were simply handed down to me on platter ... I am surely in for some hard-work in the coming future. I mean, of course I have worked hard, got good grades and done my best with whatever situation I was in. But let's be honest, I have not had to put in my blood-and-sweat to do anything so far (luckily, working-out only involves sweat!). And something tells me I am in for some hard-core hard-work now. We just have to figure out what that is, though. Stomach In - Chest Out - Attention!

Week 6 | Day 37 | 22nd September 2009


  1. All I wanna say today is . . .
    If you really stop blogging . . .

    I am gonna MISS it like hell !!!

  2. Viintii - You are very sweet. I will try to go on for as long as I can ... but it's really stressful to think of stuff to write everyday ... really!!! :o)

  3. If you have an easy life in childhood then marry someone who had a difficult childhood. Then you can enjoy your husband's good fortune later in your life when your own is going badly! Nice formula, kya?

  4. Meetu D - You make an excellent point. Sounds like an awesome formula. Whenever I come across the person who told me this funda I will let them know that there is a way out :P

  5. Not a SPIN-ster, AnitaSeptember 24, 2009 at 4:42 AM

    Haha! Meetu D, good point! Oh god, how much pressure nowadays to look for the perfect man, and now one more point! :-p

    SPINNING class is scary. Im still trying to build courage to go to one. I remember one I went for few years ago and it was like someone chained me to a bicycle (that can balance on its own) and made me cycle till I didn't confess all my secrets. THAT PAINFUL!

    And "hard-work" is relative. Like the 'grass is greener' on the other side, sometimes we do realize 'the shrubs are sharper' on the other side too! (I mean maybe we as individuals think it's 'no big deal' but for someone on the other side, it's difficult to live that way!) And I hope that your 'hard work' is limited to your fitness!!! Muah!

  6. Its all a mind's game.Everyday is hard/happy;depends how u enjoy/tackle the moment.
    Live in present.Future has always something nice in store for us.

  7. Ani - Try Spinning again. It's a great remedy for burning fat from legs ... and Thanks for wishing my hard-work is limited. Everyone should have a friend like you :o)

    Mom - Always positive! I know. Will try! :o)


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