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Day 35 - Perfect Parents


I know that the Brad-Jen break-up is really passé but I have a good reason to bring this up, again (I Promise!). I saw "Love Happens" this weekend and really enjoyed Jen's presence in the movie. The movie was a sweet-romantic yet sentimental and dramatic at the same time. Experts say that either you are in the Jennifer-Camp or Angelina-Camp and I am definitely in Jen-Camp.

While Jennifer is evolving in to a nice-amicable-pretty-celebrity, Angelina is resembling a wacko-vampire-look-alike by each passing day. Her ever growing cult doesn't help her image either (babies-unlimited). Well, that's just my opinion, of course. I was never an Angelina fan to start with, although I did like her body in Lara Croft character and acting in a few of her movies.

P.S. I am not trying to be mean, but doesn't the character of Pam (The Wicked Vampire) from the HBO series of True Blood always remind of Anjelina Jolie (I think it's the similarity between the face structure of Kristin Bauer and Anjelina). What do you think?!>!?


I am a big fan of mediterranean food. Firstly, there are a lot of healthy vegetarian options and secondly its delicious and satisfying (without making you feel stuffed). Well, there is no excuse for people who stuff their faces with Kebabs. I am only talking about sensible people here ... *big.grin* So whenever I crave a some good "outside" food, this is one of my top go-to-cuisines. Tabouleh Salad, Hummus, Grape Leaves (stuffed), and Cous Cous, are few of my favorite dishes!


I am a total Daddy's girl. (My Daddy Best-est!) He is my safe zone, where life is beautiful, without tension or stress, where you know nothing will ever go wrong and all your troubles will melt away. I completely idolize him and think he is one of a kind on this earth. I haven't got around it yet, but someone ought to write a book on his life and his ideologies (which are unique). He is full of life and never looks back.

When I and my brother were growing up, we often joked, that even if we ever found out that we were adopted and our birth parents came to take us, we would tell him, "too bad ... better luck next time, coz we are very happy with our current parents." Except if they turned out of be like bizillionaires, in which case we will accept their inheritance and yet keep our own parents. (Win-Win for us!)

So obviously, I have spent my life trying to be as perfect as my parents. However, with age ... err ... I mean, as time passes by ... I want to only take what I can from them and yet have my own personality. There is no point in existing on this earth being someone else's "thought-doubles" (like how they have body-doubles in movies). I have my own set of thoughts, beliefs, ideologies, and I shall try to follow them, only hoping that my parents with be proud of the person I turn out to be. You see, time is passing by but I haven't grown up yet! :o)

This & That

Phew! Enough drama for today ... time to hit the bed ... and be ready for Veronica's torture first thing in the morning. Weekend Over.

Week 5 | Day 35 | 20th September 2009


  1. Wonderfull!
    I love this.
    The way you handle the situation with possitive energy is remarcable.I adore it.
    All our wishes are with you always.

  2. Sooo sweet about being a fan of daddy! Actually, the best person to write his biography is YOU. Try to interview him on tape over a series of visits. Then transcribe the interviews and write the book.

  3. Mommy Daddy Girl, AnitaSeptember 22, 2009 at 7:57 PM

    Me too, Daddy's Girl! They rock!

    Although, I have realized after I got engaged/married, I needed my mom more and more. Suddenly, I realized I needed her help and there are something's in a girl's life, only a mother can comprehend (as she has probably been there or atleast can understand it from a female perspective). So basically, whatever happens MOMMY DADDY bestest!

    And I love your daddy too :-) He always encourages satisfying the SWEET TOOTH!

    P.S. I'm in the Jen-camp too. :-) Smiles over Pout anyday!

  4. Mom & Dad - I love you guys :o)

    Meetu D - i need a lot of patience to write a book on Dad. It will require me to listen to his stories n number of times as he can be repetitive ...

    Ani - I am with you on needing Mom after marriage part. And sometimes my Dad does complain that I take Mom's side over his now. But I am still his 'fan' as Meetu D puts it and honestly believe he is a special human being besides being my father :o)

  5. me too in jen`s camp!!!love rachel green anytime
    n i find our ms.rai similar to ms jolie in her vampire ways!!!*evil*


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