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Day 33 - Happy & Honest

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All right! So I ditched all you guys yesterday. In my defense, I did open my laptop and type Day 32 but then ... that's it! My mind froze and my brain was blank, I had no thoughts (everyone.rolls.their.eyes.right? Like I can have nothing to say ever??! ... I know, even I was surprised). So I just shut down the machine and said screw it! I'm not gonna write. Period.


I do not believe in preaching. It's such a turn-off. I have myself to learn from in this area. The moment someone 'tells me to do something' I do not wanna do it, specially when is comes down to personal habits, likes/dislikes, or hobbies (professionally, I am very different). So without beating around the bush, I am only going to bring this up once - Quit Smoking! It's not cool, your breadth stinks, and you will probably die of lung cancer (robbing your family of all their money), and fitness-wise you will lack stamina and strength from within (nothing ages the body like cigarettes). If your excuse is that you are addicted, then NO! You are not. Addiction is a myth. It's just another word for lack of will power. If you want to, you can do absolutely anything. And for the benefit of all the 'weak-will' people there is soooo much help available today. You just have to make the right decision. Don't think about it, just do it!


Moving on ... It seems everything I learnt from the age of 5 to 10 is actually proving to be true now, like 20 years later. I am talking about all the teaching of Good, Evil, Truth, Devil, etc. Today's topic from Tanvi's new realization? - Honesty is the best Policy! a) I cannot be fake, b) I cannot pretend smile, c) I hate hypocrisy. To my benefit, I don't care what people think about me. If someone asks me a question then they should be prepared to hear the truth. However, I am also trying to practice 'Silence is Golden' simultaneously, so there is always conflict of interest in being honest at the same time. That's when my super-fertile brain gave me a solution - If you cannot say anything good about someone/something, then say nothing at all (B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T, right?). I know it's quite similar to being silent (or like my Mom suggests - just smile) but you cannot just stand there 'dumb-folded' when you are being asked a question up -front (or smile like a looney)! So you will hear me say a lot of "I don't know", "Everyone is different", "That's a unique way of looking at it", etc. etc. but mostly more "I don't knowwwww". What's a girl gotta do to be honest in this world?!?! *big.grin*

Happy Weekend Everyone (in the normal world)!

Week 5 | Day 33 | 18th September 2009


  1. That's brilliant my dear!!

  2. I like ur honesty.Its O.K.We can not please everyone.Self satisfaction is more important.

  3. So is that why when I ask you: "tanvi, have I gained weight?" you go: " i don't know?!?!" haha. actually, jokes aside, u are the only person that's blunt!

    by the way, u better not be using this one on me. silence is golden probably. But then, I like diamonds :-P So keep telling me the hardcore truth. Coz I can take infinite pinching truths, then one heartbreaking lie.


  4. Ani - Alright, now that you have given me the permission ... I shall be 'blunt' with you. I just don't want to be blunt with people who are not prepared for my sharpness :o)


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