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Day 31 - Ms. Chatterbox

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In today's time, I think, a dose of narcissism can work wonders for self-motivation. Besides the desire to die healthy, this is (partially) what is keeping me away from the Ice Cream isle at the grocery store. I am not crazy though (I wonder why I feel the need to re-emphasis this on every other post of mine ... hmmm ), I am realistic. I should have already lost those 8 pounds with the lifestyle I am leading. I haven't because I am in no hurry. I want to go slow, so that it is permanent (Slow & Steady wins the race. Really!). I am willing to sacrifice my dream weight in return for toned legs, defined arms and abs ... and I'm getting there ...

People who squirm at my non-stop fitness blabber should know that my healthy lifestyle does not restrict me from enjoying life. In fact, I am enjoying my 'guilty-pleasures' every once-in-a-while more due to my otherwise consistent routine.

I like what they often quote at my Yoga class, "One should give themselves mini-heart attacks to avoid the real-big ones." Meaning, everyone should do one activity daily which increases their heart-rate at a monitored scale (like jogging, walking, jumping, cardio at the gym, etc.). The thing with health is that there is no definite end (except Death). You cannot stop. Specially, the people like me who have the tendency to gain weight easily can never stop. Even Salman Khan (on Dus Ka Dum, last week) advised Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukerjee to never stop working out, coz if they do, they will blow up like a balloon. True, I agree completely.


I love talking. I am a big chatter-box. My mom tells me that in Junior School whenever she went for any Parents Teacher Meeting, my teachers would rarely discuss or complain about my academic performance. Instead they only grieved about my non-stop chatting. Quote: "She finishes her assignment quite fast, and then talk to her classmates, while they cease to finish their respective assignments." Poor Mrs. Meena Sabherwal (my favorite teacher from 3rd Grade).

So, now you get the picture that I have been a talkative one since, childhood. I love to talk, meet new people, find out about their life, routine, work, etc. Age-Sex-Religion-Caste-Creed No Bar! I can talk to absolutely anyone. And till my early 20's I actually took pride in this special ability. However, today my view has taken a U-turn. Now, I'm starting to believe that, 'Silence is Golden', boring ... but Golden! I have been practicing to keep my precious opinions and thoughts to myself for about 3.5 years now.

In December 2005, I was contemplating with my Uncle (Favorite Uncle - Dad's youngest brother) about what should be my New Year Resolution (2006). That's when we settled on - Never to give an advice or opinion, unless asked for. I did practice is successfully ( success is always relative) for 2.5 years until last July (2008) it didn't seem to be good-enough. That's when my dear Anita, enlightened me that sometimes it's better to not share your opinions at all and play dumb than to be part of a fool's discussion. People might think you are stupid because you are quiet, but that wouldn't prove that they are any smarter either (Catch 22). I also realized that even when someone asks for my advice, it is up to me, to judge whether or not to give them one. More often than not, it is safe to keep my mouth shut. Withholding my opinions has made me feel empowered in a very unconventional way. Like my mother would say, "One quite (person), defeats a 100." [Ek chup, sau ko harata hai!]

Week 5 | Day 31 | 16th September 2009


  1. Me too baby...I really like the way you put it as a 'Fool's Discussion'. Haha..Awesome!

    I just refuse to enter into a nonsensical discussion myself.. And, sometimes people are just argumentative by nature.Period.

    They like arguing (which they mistakenly think of as intelligent discussions) and are on a constant voyage to impart their knowledge on the not so fortunate kinds.

    And we know a few examples of these kinds ourselves. Like you say..wink wink!! ;-)

    "Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do.
    Dale Carnegie

  2. "Very true ek chup sau ko harata hai....i do practise this and even trying to improve on becoming a good listener...

    good advise from chachaji.. that do not give your opinion unless you are asked for it...but at times it is hard to stop when you see that the other person is not right."

  3. I love this post for 2 reasons..

    1. I have noticed for last 6 months that Di..U ra grt writer with grt thoughts. (And i like the ideas u portray in this post)

    2. We got a 2nd undercover writer..and thts u Jiju.

    Suggestion - I would like to see how both of you write ur views on some debatable topic for once...

    ...And how we friends used to say in school.. "Fight Fight Fight!!!" Now dont take tht literally ! LOL

  4. Wah.wahh..wahhh...
    I can c my children getting there.
    Can analize themselves,handle situations being modest.I feel giving 2nd thought b4 giving ur advise or opinion is better.At times only smile proves gr8 help.
    Let me say u had been very cute talkativ baby:)
    May God bless you.

  5. Tanuj - Tanvi has great literary and culinary skills and that's why I call her modern day's Julia Child!

    And, thanks for your compliment. :)

    I guess after being exposed to writing more than 300 pages of dissertation, I have been formally mutated from a bathroom singer to an undercover writer. (Love this term that you coined by the way..Lol!!)

  6. Everyone - Thank you for your compliments and comments :o) I am enjoying being myself ... It's extremely liberating.

    Three more weeks for this project and then time to re-analyze myself! Have a nice weekend.

  7. I'm Back Again, AnitaSeptember 22, 2009 at 7:34 PM

    Guess who's back! And who is checking your blog first thing after unpacking? MOI! :-)

    By the way, I, too, feel that you are not as much as a chatterbox as before...i miss the old tanvi- my phone doesn't ring as much :-P I do more 'chutter-chutter' now na?

    Back to a healthy lifestyle and looking forward to it :-)

  8. Ani - I do my chutter-chutter ... probably only with you now coz I know you will not be offended to get angry or whatever it is that stupid people do :P

    And I promise your phone shall ring more, but our timing don't match and your husband is around all those hours that I am awake :P Hehe


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