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Day 30 - Fighting the Weakness

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I have always found the weaknesses to be more interesting than strengths. I do not mean the dark side or any psycho-weird-stuff like that ... just the usual weaknesses versus strengths tangent.

Weakness marks one's personality, I believe. Yeah, you are a good writer; but you are a blind writer (Helen Keller). Now, that is inspiring. People who do not speak any second language yet are international business tycoons. People who have life-threatening disease and yet excel in their chosen sports. Or from everyday life, people who are introvert and bashful but stand up for themselves when required, etc. Basically, how a person uses his/her weakness and turn it into success is what I find amusing. You don't necessarily get rid of your weakness but find a more enterprising use for it.

I have often heard that the lack of resources get the creative juices flowing. I am a sucker for such stories as they release a contagious exuberance for life. It could also be because I believe, NO! let me correct that, I am aware of my weaknesses (at least most of them). With time I have also learnt that you cannot change all of them. You have to work with & around some of them, which is hard! Nevertheless, 50% of the work is done once you have recognized and accepted them ... I hope!

- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)


Today, I measured my Body Fat Percentage and it was 20.2% which is just-about-acceptable. Many experts argue that Body Fat Percentage is a superior way of gauging one's fitness level. I would personally like to be at 18% Body Fat. Why? Because that's the maximum fat % athletes have! :P Sometimes, I wish I was into some sports. I lack those genes. I have never been an outdoor-sy athletic person. There isn't one sport I can boost of playing well ... err... actually boost of playing at all! This also might be the reason why I lack sportsmanship! I am Serena Williams, all the way, God forbid if I lose any game. Anywhoooo, we are still on track with our 8 X 8 Project. Four more weeks to go ... four more pounds to lose ... and now add 2.2% Body Fat Percentage to lose as well on this list ... !

Week 5 | Day 30 | 15th September 2009


  1. My body fat is down to 16% now...let's keep the momentum going baby!

    A little trivia - At his peak, Lance Armstrong had a body fat of about 4%. Incredible!

  2. Some how i dont undestand these calculations.So don't count calories either.My stomach tells me the quatity and mind choses food i need!!!

  3. I have lots of FAT and i don't need no chart to tell me that :-p

    My weakness is my sugar dependency- how i get hurt when people are not 'sweet'! :-P But then again I have become stronger because of the non-sweetness around! :-)

  4. Husband - Yes! Let's just put this on top-gear now :o)

    Mom - See, you are healthy and that is what is important. But I am aiming for PERFECTION! and clearly my stomach never tells me anything :P

    Anita - Good use of 'Pun' (o: ... Baby Steps ... Small goals and you will get there too.... Promise!

  5. Ani ji, I gave ur warm water idea a try..its working wonders for last 4 days :D

    NO food before sleep! :D


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