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Day 29 - Inspired by Future and Marriage

Photograph courtesy Max Wanger


I am sure everyone would agree that the whole-point of being born on this earth is to inhibit it for as long as possible, with all our systems working (hopefully!?!?!). For example, I am aware that I have a family history of knee pain so while exercising I have started paying more attention to make sure I do not put any unnecessary pressure on it. Research has proven that people who link healthy strategies to long-term goals feel less tempted by treats than those with a limited outlook. Every day I hear people suffering (and dying) from some really painful and disturbing diseases. While I am aware that everything is not in my hand and I might not be able to fight all the symptoms, I definitely want to make sure I do my best to avoid the ones I can.

I actually judge and pity the people who inspite of complete awareness & knowledge and against their better judgment, continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle in the name of bad habits, time constrains, economy, ... yada ... yada ... yada ... history has proven - "If you want ... you will!"


Photograph courtesy Max Wanger

Marriage has proven to be extremely beneficial for my personal growth. Contrary to public perception or my image, I was an extremely guarded-cautious-prudent person (or at least that was my perception of myself). I cannot exactly pinpoint an exact instance but I feel it in my soul. Unlike, what I had heard and observed about some girls who had gotten married and changed. I would not say for-worse but had lost their spark or rather their individuality. Of course, I am in no position to judge the changes in myself, but I feeeeeel like a free bird.

Somehow I am much more confident and feel that I have found my forte in society. I am no more afraid of sharing my thoughts/views/opinion with anyone or worrying what they will think of me. I believe I was born opinionated (you would understand if you met my family :P). However, earlier I believe I was carrying the burden of not letting my parents down, which has now been lifted and replaced by self-assurance which I have found in marriage. My only reason to share this personal anecdote is to let all the single girls know that marriage is different for everyone, and nothing to be wary of. It can turn out to be blissful, if you are willing to make the right changes for the right person :o).

Week 5 | Day 29 | 14th September 2009


  1. Wussu Housewive, AnitaSeptember 15, 2009 at 4:25 AM

    Very well said Tanvi. Marriage is different for everybody! Although many have an opinion that it is not necessary to get married and staying single is what they feel is better for them, in my opinion, marriage is an important element of our lives. However good or bad the experience (per situation), it teaches you more about your character and contributes to personality development.

    Moreover MARRIAGE rocks, because you know that there is ONE PERSON in the whole wide world you have 'haq' over and is there through all the multicolor shades of life. One person you can bare your soul to and in today's time with how non-trusting the world is, we all need to believe in humanity (undying belief in man!) And when I give up hope that there is any goodness left to come out of situations or people, my dear husband holds my hands and I'm a BELIEVER all over again.

    TO our WONDERFUL HUSBANDS. Because PYAAR DOSTI HAI (xoxo karan johar!)

    P.S. And yes, marriage has done you good :-p (you have become roxy hottie!)

  2. My Dear Ani - Do you wanna start a parallel blog in which we can chose a topic and then both of us can write our views about it? Hehe .. Don't get me wrong. I LOVEEEE your feedback ... it's just a thought :o)

    I can see ONLY you have commented on this ... so clearly I didn't reach out to many on the topic of marriage.

    I am glad you have found our love, belief and companion in your husband. But I also think marriage is not for everyone. If someone is convinced they are supposed to stay single ... then i am sure they have a good reason for that.

    P.S. Thanks! I am still to find those Roxy shorts in my XS size *wink*


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