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Day 28 - Deal With It ... Happily!

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A lot of people, over the years, have told me that I am too-hard-on-myself because I never feel I have tapped my full potential and believe there is always something I can do to make things better. But you-know-what, I think people are wayyy-too-easy-on-themselves (Just to clarify, having a pity-party of one, at home doesn't count as being hard on yourself). Most people are affected by everything that happens in life so strongly. One set-back and they are shattered. One victory and they go crazy. Personally, I don't see the point of gloating or crying over every small incidences in life till the final goal is achieved. What I am trying to say is that how/when I enjoy my life is not dependent on the miniscule incidents that occur on everyday basis. I constantly strive to live-in-today provided it's not going to be an obstacle to my long-term goals.

The point of setting goals is that you follow-through with them. As my husband often quotes, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." God forbid if I fail, the first time around, then I get-my-act-together and make new ways to achieve my goals. Let's face it, life is never going to be a bed of roses. There will always be hurdles, things going wrong at the last minute, unexpected circumstances, blah ... blah ... blah ... snore ... So one has to put on her big-girl-boxers-and DEAL WITH IT!

Here, I am not just talking about health and fitness. This is my attitude towards anything and absolutely everything in life. And also, if you come to think of it worse-to-worse what will happen? You might die! But that's inevitable, regardless!

*Word Goal is used as a synonym for everything in life one wants to achieve, personally or professionally.

This is Jillian Michaels

I was reading Jillian Michaels website, as my constant greed for fitness trivia, I found her tips on shedding 5-10 pounds in 30 days. This seems like a lot of work and tremendous will-power to restrain from everything good in life. I am already breaking my neck over here. I do not know if I can do this (but I want to ...) but in case any one of you are interested, her tips are as follows:
  1. Cut your sodium to 1,000 mg a day.
  2. Drink at least 80 ounces of water daily.
  3. Cut out processed foods.
  4. Abstain from alcohol.
  5. Train at 85 percent of your MHR (maximum heart rate) for 1 hour 5 times a week
Week 4 | Day 28 | 13th September 2009


  1. I completely agree with you. I also feel that till you keep trying you are still on your path to success. Your day of glory might be delayed but ultimately you will reach there.

    Additionally, I feel that failure and success are relative terms and vary with each person's own perspective.

    Sometimes people also get too much burdened by the weight of their self goals. We should remember that we had set the goals to achieve inner peace and heighten our own self worth and not to kill them.

    As a strong believer of karma more than dharma, I abide by Bhagavat Gita's following quote as my guiding principle in life -

    "Karmanye Vaa Adhikaraste, Ma Phaleshu Kadachana"

    >>Just my 20 cents!!<< :)

  2. Happily? Ever? After?, AnitaSeptember 14, 2009 at 3:59 AM

    Live Life to the Fullest! Simply stated. And we all must define our fullest (which obviously varies at different stages and situations of life) As long as the underlying attitude is to BE HAPPY, then what one does with their life is their take.

    The challenge is to actually ACT ON LIFE rather than letting it HAPPEN to you. By this I mean is the difficulty when you have to accept decisions made by others which may not make you happy, but sometimes you just got to do it and then life continues at unsatisfactory means. All that jazz about 'accept it with grace, try to be happy with it' doesn't work! So when we can balance and work with the emotions, conscience, society, people, and risks, (what we want) then we can make LIFE HAPPEN our way.

    They say to give happiness to others, one must start being happy from within. I guess if every human takes a 'begin from within initiative' and works on being happy and positive, can you imagine the POSITIVE ENERGY in the air! All that warmth would surely accelerate global warming :-p

    Anyways, right now, Jill-ian went up the hill and came tumbling down after. I'm turning on holiday mode.

    Ashish, kindly translate.

    Tanvi, I demand you post of one more picture of 'Life'. In honor.

  3. Anita the quote means - "One should concentrate on karma (actions) without worrying about the end results"

  4. Husband - I agree with you! I also think I am one of those people who are burdened my own goals. Have to work on it I guess.

    Anita - I agree it hard to give happiness to people if you do not get it in return. I think everyone has the right to be happy and be treated just. One shld do everything in their power to keep themselves happy, without hurting anyone. Do the best you can.

    P.S. You want me to add another picture to this post?

  5. Ashish: Aaaaah.. I like...especially Karma-related. I feel it's not really the end result I worry about but more that I have a clear conscience. My actions should not make me worry in general.

    Tanvi: Hurt is very 'relative'. hehe! But anyways, yeah, even if sh*t happens, I can't stay unhappy to long- I need to crack my corny jokes and find humor in everything :-p Yeah, I was asking u to post pic of tattoo! LIfE!

  6. Ani - OHH!! I get it now. I don't have the old pictures on this laptop and we haven't clicked any in recent times :( ... It'll be on my To-Do-List when we meet next :o)


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