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Day 26 - God Bless Anita


I am sooooooooo looking forward to fall & winters now. I am over summers, already! I wanna wear my jackets and boots and skinnnnnny jeans. Yes! people, I bought this pair of Skinny jeans last weekend and I am dying to wear them. I still can't believe I can fit into one. Those stupid high-school days when I couldn't even dream of getting half-way into them. *sad.face*

When I was fat, I hated winters, with all the layers I had to wear. It only made me look stuffy (er). Plus, I felt I am was always carrying this extra weight on my-already-heavy-body. However, now I luuuurrrrve the winter look (more layers ... the better). It's so cozy, classy and savvy and more me in some ways (or rather in most ways...).


Is anyone a sandwich fan? My Dad called me today afternoon and asked what I had for lunch? I told him - a sandwich. But when he asked me what all I had put in it, I couldn't to justice in making it sound delicious, enough. (I hope I do a better job, here!) Whole-wheat poppy seeds bread with pesto spread, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, fat-free mozzarella cheese, basil leaves and chilli sauce. Yummm! It is my favorite sandwich in the whole-wide-world. Try it you-all, and you are not going to be disappointed. Oh! but you ought to like the basil & pesto flavor to reaallllly enjoy it!


Today morning, on The Woody Show, the radio show I listen to everyday, (you all have got to start remembering stuff from my previous blog posting now) everyone was sending in messages for what they were 'thankful' for in life, in the spirit of 9/11. I thought I will do that too today, here, on my blog.

I am thankful for my friend Anita. We know each other for over 11 years now. She is the second best thing that has happened to me after chocolate (I am not counting my family because I had no choice in that matter, God chose!). She is the most generous and genuinely nice person I know. She is polite, considerate and extremely warm human being. She is soooo witty and funny. She is exceptionally talented in like-bizillion fields - writing, computer stuff (which I am terrible at), fashion, jewelry, advertising, ... Ok! I am gonna stop here, coz this is sounding more like her resume, now ...

Anita & Tanvi in Austin, being our usual self :o)

We have never been too vocal about feelings and stuff-like-that in our friendship (coz we are Pisceans), although that is slowly changing after our respective marriages. We have never even had any fights (ever!). Can you believe that?!!??! If we are upset over something (or had any disagreement) we simply give each other a royal silent treatment (which doesn't last very long, though) and then make-it-up (over an ice-cream) without even having to ever address the issue or an apology. In 11 years, I have moved-between 4 cities but that hasn't changed us or our friendship. Even marriage hasn't changed our friendship, if anything it has only made it stronger. She has always been there for me and even my family, without me having to ask for it or she even making it obvious. She just extracts love and affection from me and everyone around her (anyone with their right frame of mind!). So to sum it up, I love her and am thankful for having her in my life. God Bless her!

Week 4 | Day 26 | 11th September 2009


  1. I Super Duper Agree with every word written for Mrs. Myraa (:P). Shez a Rockstar!

  2. Thats sooo sweet Tans!

    Hope you guys stay friends forever! And it becomes stronger with time!

    Makes me think of my best friend - Anushree.

  3. Truly mentioned Dear Anita,s Characterstics.She is a wonderful human being.I love her more as v share same date of birth:).
    Papa is food lover,njoys all cuisine nd Deserts.Needs an EYE on his diet!!!

  4. Reminds me of Sholay all over again :p

    God bless you both and your sweet friendship!

  5. Grateful and Melted, AnitaSeptember 12, 2009 at 4:16 PM

    Awww...I'm so out of words...(but then i can still write!:-p) Thanks a lot for all the niceness, heartwarming and heartmelting description. Like you correctly said, we are very stingy with vocalizing our feelings (the 'sindhi' trait in me!) but I think after all that you have said, you couldn't have described our friendship better. God Bless Us!

    Thanks Tanuj...may you lose an extra kg on that note :-p

    Aunty, we are the best na? (atleast for TANVI! :-p) Only I could do with a little more patience which you have abundance off! Experience and time shall help hopefully. :-)

    And Tanvi, all the goodness in me has your contribution with guiding me throughout our 'road trip' of a life. From making appointments to teaching me how to stand up for myself and to being blunt (im getting steps) and to eating out of a tub of icecream and to making jeera aaloo and to 'thinking' about discarding clothes and to correcting my 'amazzzzing' hindi. And I can just go on, but then let's save that for our next meet whenever wherever. (hopefully where we get our pasta with pesto!) Right?

    Ashish, are you jealous? PLEASEEE can you be jealous! And it's SOUL-ay. ;-)

    Skinny is the so cool! And with boots...oooh baby! Thats motivation to hit Bikram again.

    P.S. If only I could get a job based on this resume! Any takers?

  6. aww... sweet tanvi & anita

    but i'm SHOCKED u guys never had a 'real' fight, very 'un-dramaqueen-ly'

  7. Tanuj - Thank you for agreeing with me :P

    Anu - Thanks babes! You finally made it here :o)

    Mom - :o) I know Papa loves food, like no one I have ever met before or after!!!

    Husband - Heheh! Yeah Jai & Veeru ...!

    Ani - When I have a company ... you have a job for sure :)

    MM - We are actually not 'really' drama-queens. Just Nautanki ... Fun based ... hehe

  8. I adore her :p

  9. Your friendship is beautiful, absolutely beautiful... I too am fortunate to have a soulsister and a soulbrother...and soulcousins!

    This post is beautiful and although it is respectful of the date, it is SO funny! You are just so SO funny Tanvivacious!! A natural born comedic-writer...

    Apologies for commenting on an old post... I started reading your new posts and then clicked over here, then realised I could be here all night!!... it's now 2:30am and I have to be up very early!
    So will have to come back to read and comment on your new posts.

    You know I devote A LOT of time to reading your posts. I also reread many of your posts. You are solidly entrenching yourself in my list of Favourite Writers Ever.


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