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Day 24 - Calories from Fat

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Green Tea

Finally, I started sipping Green Tea. It had been lying in my cupboard since last 6 months (No, hadn't expired!) but I never got around drinking it. The only times, I volunteered to sip-it, were at the Spa. It always seems the right thing to do there *guilt.speaks*! Psychologically, I think that the massage is going to get the toxins out, so might as well give them a little push and get them out 'completely'.

It tastes good (warm or chilled), has zero calories, helps burn fat, and is a natural antioxidant. Also, I recently found out it is one of the reasons why Japanese have great skin. Now I am wondering why I hadn't started sipping on it sooner ... Hmmmm ...

United States of Amazing-hood

I have been driving in the U.S. for a little less than 2 years now. One thing that always amuses and amazes me is their road discipline. There is this one 'freeway' experience I look forward to daily, but it doesn't always happen (and that disappoints me, sometimes). Every morning, when I am on the freeway, I have to change the lane in order to take my Exit. While, the people entering the freeway, have the to exchange their lane with mine. Every now and then, it so happens, that all the cars (in each lane) are moving from one lane to another in perfect alignment consecutively (Yes! It has happened more than once). That always catches my fancy and amuses me. I know, it's silly but I look forward to it.

Calories from Fat

I was asked this question yesterday, so I thought I might as well answer it here. It means the amount of fat in the food item in relation to total number of calories. Calories from fat in simpler terms is 'just that' - Calories from fat. For example, if a food item has 100 calories in total and 80 calories are from fat, then it is a BIG NO-NO! However, it has about 20 calories from fat then it is reasonable. Fat adds a lot more calories to the food, so preferably you want calories from fat to be low and from protein & fiber to be higher. Makes sense?!?!?!

Week 4 | Day 24 | 9th September 2009


  1. Hey ... on the topic of Green tea... I've been sipping about 3 cups of it daily since a few months... but all of a sudden I realized my facial skin drying up... so just a suggestion, guys if u start drinking green tea.. please increase ur regular water intake as green tea is diuretic and dehydrating.. so u gotta keep hydrating ur body!

  2. Calorie Counter, AnitaSeptember 10, 2009 at 4:39 AM

    Haha! :-) Thanks tanvi! SO i guess I will not be driving through any drive thru anytime soon!

    My translation of "Calories from fat" when i saw the following.
    Calories: 200 Calories from fat: 150 I thought: "Oh wow! the calories are actually only 150 that my body accepts, the rest get burnt in chewing!" (Maybe that would happen if i was a cow na?)

    Anyways, i came across this tip and I'm planning to try this. Have 1/2 a grapefruit before every meal. It increases your metabolism and helps burn down the meal you have eaten.

    Do not bother driving in Dubai- it sucks! BTW metro opened here yesterday and Im just happy because it's a big day in the history of Dubai and I was alive :-)

    I prefer Green Tea with mint! :-)

  3. At last! TEA has entered in ur diet!!Which u said no no always.(Blink)I kno its Green.Tea twice a day is fine for gud health.
    Weather of Delhi welcoming everyone.Its green everywhere clean n plesant with rain.

  4. Hi Tanvii, i recently started reading ur blogs... and i love them completly... gud wrk !!! ur blogs have jus kept me hooked on since morning.... makes me feel im reading Carrie Bradshaw's (sex and the city) diary.. i am loving it... keep on writting :)

  5. Nandini - Thanks for the tip. I will keep in mind :o)

    Ani - I tried chilled Green Tea wiht Mint yesterday and quite liked it :o) Hmmm ...

    Let me know how that grapefruit 'tip' works out.

    Mom - Weather here is great too. And I am not drinking that Indian Tea with annoying smell and milk and sugar (total waste of calories). It's just Green Tea in water! :o)

    Sheeba - Thanks for the encouragement. Stay tuned for more gossip, but unfortunately nothing like Sex and the City as you can see even my Mom reads the blog. Haha ... Joking :o)

  6. i forced myself into drinking green tea couple of yrs ago it tasted yuck..but mow completely addicted to it..try lipton asian spices n mint u ll like them tanvi...


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