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Day 21 - Fresh like a Cucumber

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I'm Back and refreshed like a cucumber ... Aaaaaahhhh!

So, it seems I couldn't stay away for more than a day. How could I do that to my loyal readers :o) But I have terrible news. I was verrrrrry bad past two days (don't ask). Committed Food-Crime! I will be paying for it in next 5 weeks ... and how ... !

We went to Texan Hill Country, yesterday (right on the outskirts of San Antonio). It was a perfect weather this weekend to enjoy some greenery and down-time (as seem in the pictures clicked by yours-truly). It rained and then remaining of the day was pleasantly cloudy (not graveyard cloudy). My husband organized it since he read (on the blog, where else :P) that I was upset due to no travel plans. How sweet, no? And I had a lovely time.


I luuuurrve massages. That's exactly how I enjoyed my Saturday morning after a good workout. I had a swedish neck and back massage. It's extremely easy for me for relax as I sleep all-out half way through the massage (I secretly wish they would not wake me up, though!). In another life, I would wanna be a Queen (or at least a Princess) who has her own masseuse pampering and bathing her daily in a private hammam! Thank God, there is no tax on dreaming. *big.grin*

Oh ya, I have cut-short my long weekend to normal weekend as I am already missing da-gym & Veronica. Pearls of wisdom (to self) - Enjoy, Pamper, Eat and then be ready to bring-your-bum-on-the Stairmaster tomorrow!

Week 3 | Day 21 | 6th September 2009


  1. It was a beautiful weekend! We did crime but also did the time this morning. Thanks for your beautiful company once again. Love ya!

    All in good times!! Life is truly beautiful!

  2. All right, you love birds, enough already! :-))

    Glad you had a gr8 time. That part of TX is gorgeous. Life is too short to not treat yourself every once in a while.

  3. Thigh-Land Addict AnitaSeptember 7, 2009 at 3:24 AM

    Amazing stufff AT :-p!

    Well I can make your dreams come true (and yes, ashish, I am sticking my tongue out at u!) I shall wait for you to give me the green light and then I shall plan us a trip to the land of massages- Thailand! There 3 times a day massage, all pampered like a princess and we can have yummy spicy papaya salad, fresh fruits,tofu and soups to keep you (and me)healthy! Done?

  4. Husband - *Smile*

    Meetu D - *Blush* hehehe ... My husband rarely does public display of affection :o) ... I agree with you on treating myself :P

    Anita - My husband shall get your summons :o)

  5. Meetu D - Oops! I guess yours and Aspiji's cyberlove brushed on us..hehe !!

    Anita - Go for it. Don't know about Tanvi's but my light is always green!!

  6. Ashish, everytime I am growing a grudge (for u being in US), u melt my heart. Awwww... :-)

  7. I think you are doing a really good job by writing your blog! I really enjoy reading them!!!


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