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Day 19 - Sail Sail ... Away

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Sail ... Sail ... Away

It's the long-weekend here in U.S. (Labor Day Weekend) and this is the first time I have no travel/outing planned. I love traveling and hate it when a good opportunity passes me by. And this weekend is one-of-those-opportunities. But it's hard for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle if I am not home. I am a vegetarian and there are just no 'real' good eating options anywhere except salad and juice. So, I guess we shall stay home and watch some good-old-television and may be go-shop-more. By the way, I love this country, they always have Sale going on for one or the other reason. *big.grin*


Did I mention, I hate Veronica? Well, I do! She almost made me cry today. There are some exercises I simply hate and she forces me to do them. Like everyone else, I hate doing things that I hate! But she just doesn't stop nagging and eventually, I give up and do as she says (just so that she would stop nagging me). She is the only one, in the history of all my trainers, who has been able to make me do exercises which I don't like. It works! I know it's for my better. I am being optimistic and thinking that the stuff you hate actually works more for your body than the stuff you like ... Does that even make any sense?


It seems like homework every night, now. I mean, I love writing (blogging). Perfect medium for me to keep talking without being interrupted .... :P ... but everyday seems like a lot of work. Initially, it felt quite liberating, considering I have no friends here and this gave me a chance to connect with so many people on daily basis. But now I love it even more because (as you can see, for last 3 weeks) my crazzzzzy brain has non-stop-unlimited thoughts, which now I can actually keep a record of (kinda like a dairy, but a lot more fun). However, I am gonna take this weekend off to refresh my brain and take a chill-pill from the pressure of blogging! See you all on the other side of this weekend :o)

Week 3 | Day 19 | 4th September 2009


  1. What???? No blogs for next few days...SOB SOB SOB...j/k...I'll meet you online after the weekend but offline during the weekend ..hehehe!!!

  2. what are we going to do without you?! NO!

    how will i start my mornings?

    btw, the 8 X 8 means you have to write everyday. It's part of the deal.

    Your blogging makes you write everyday and so it makes me also write everyday :-p How can you do that to me?

    Jai Veronica. I need one in my life.

  3. No no no no no . . . .
    Im addicted now, you can't leave me all of a sudden :'-(
    Desperately waiting for the looooooooong weekend to fly by fast !!!

  4. Husband - Funny :P ... Seeing you! ;)

    Ani - Well ... I am right here. You can call me. I just wanna take a break ... And I might just change my mind i fI really have something worthwhile sharing :P

    And Amen to Jai Veronica - The Hitler :P

    Viintii - Hahaha... I am not leaving. Just takin time to collect more random thoughts to share :P

  5. Reading the last bit i could actually feel you talking to live speaking..hehe..very 'from the heart' types..ahem!!
    Ok so no blogs for the weekend..have a super duper time and be back soon completely refreshed!

  6. Tanvi, without your blog I will have to take to the bottle for my nightcap :-)

    Keep going please!

  7. Megha - Thanks :o) Looks like I am back before the weekend finished!!!

    Meetu D - Are you implying that my blogs put you to sleep? :P


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