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Day 18 - Slim fast ... Gain weight ... Ufff!

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I think I have set myself up-for-a-failure. According to a study from New York University, people who talk about something they are working towards may be less likely to actually accomplish it. It seems that speaking about your ambitions can make you feel like you've already achieved them, making you a slack-er! I should have probably stayed shut till I 'actually' achieved my goals... *sad.face*


Today, one of my friend was actually wondering how to gain weight? Mostly we only find people who are trying to lose but you will be surprised to know that gaining is actually harder! I, also have a cousin who has been trying to put on weight since forever but even after having a baby, she is just the same-petite-person (lucky, one would assume, right?). So according to the experts, the correct way to gain weight is not-to gobble-down empty calories or feed on junk food. Instead, have 5-6 meals full of healthy fats (tuna, salmon, flax, walnuts) and protein (lean meat, fish, nuts, seeds, legumes). While exercising, focus on resistance training (Power-flex classes, weight lifting). Like losing weight, gaining is also a slow process but surely can be achieved. I hope this helps my dear skinny friend! :o)


I do not think I will ever he happy with my body-image. I am aware that I am fit and healthy. And NO I do not have any psychological disorder ( ... or may be I do :P). Like my husband said today morning, in my mind I will always be 'that-fat-girl' I was while growing up. I read somewhere that the 'ideal woman' portrayed by models and celebrities is 5"5 and weight 100 pounds (45kgs). That's crazy! Anywhoo, I was doing this survey (Click here) talking about women and their body image and the verdict was "You could use a little more body love". Clearly :o)

Week 3 | Day 18 | 3rd September 2009


  1. Tanvi, Embrace your current self! You look so cute RIGHT NOW!

    BTW, the negative thoughts fade away as you grow older...major benefit of aging.

  2. Cheer up..abhi picture baaki hai mere dost!

  3. i so agree bout us never lu-h-ving our bodies ... i can always pinch 1 part of my body which has excess fat/cellulite... i fail to appreciate how much it has reduced tho
    what to do bout that tanvi? v shud fight our minor BDDs (body dysmorphic disorder)
    and both of our husbands do a mighty good job appreciating us!!!!
    anyways god bless these LUCKY people who want to get fat... and i join the gitfit tomorrow baby... hurray

  4. BTW research is always contradictory. There are two sides of a coin, and similarly there are are scientists on either sides whilst proving a theory. So in this case, don't listen to those that talk about "talking may lead to slacking", but rather "making you envision your ideal self and discussing" will motivate you; hence making you accomplish your desired fitness level.

    And if you are not satisfied after this 8 x 8, then you do have a disorder and in that case you need a friend by your side and so I shall meet you halfway across the world to help you overcome it :-) (tiger tiger!)

  5. Meetu D - I know, I should but some how I am never happy with how I look! I am glad I have something to look fwd to about aging :o)

    Husband - True, We still have 5 weeks left!

    MM - You are ... we should be happy about where we are ... but some how I am known to be hard on myself. I feel if I let go then I will be back to where I started! My guards are always ON, thats why :o) Glad you are getting back to your fitness routine!!!

    Ani - You make a good point. No one research is the end of the issue. There are always 2 sides, good point! Thanks for keeping me motivated.

    Hehehe ... I have 5 more weeks to figure out if 8 X 8 works or not :P

  6. Yes, It certainly helped me to understand better! thank you Tanvi!!!!!! Luvya!!! xxx

  7. one of my classmate is superthin n he bugs me daily abt how to gain weight(since i m(k i prefer) not-thin..i said him to drink milk and have bananas in the morning n hez also trying out diff calorie rich icecreams daily..lucky him!!!

    but tanvi,i half agree wit ur point of dicussing mom always sayss me not-to tell anyone abt our wishes since there is a chance of them not coming true...but i think v shud tell ppl abt goals since as u always say v will fear of being judged n may push ourselves harder to achieve it.......
    uff this is longest comment i ever wrote on a blog...


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