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Day 17 - Doctors & Police Officers

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Every morning I listen to a radio-show. I find it interesting because the host is extremely opinionated and blunt. Often our opinions don't match but that's the main reason why I enjoy his show (I'm a freak, yes!). So, one morning his topic of discussion was - Does it bother anyone if they see obese Doctors and Police Officers? And my answer, without-missing-a-heart-beat was "Hell Ya!" I really don't respect Doctors who are Fat! Wouldn't one expect them to know better? I mean yes, they wouldn't have Jesus' Abs but at least look like a normal human being. If they happen to be MY Doctor then at the back of my mind I am thinking, "What right do you have to tell me to do anything?!?!?!" Same goes for the Police Officers. How will they ever catch a criminal when they can barely walk a mile per hour? Well, let's just say, it's one of the few things I happen-to-agree-up on with Woody (Radio host).


This summer, when I was visiting Dubai, I was talking to Kamal (BFF's elder brother) and he mentioned about a friend of his (or someone) who had lost weight doing 'Micro-movements'. As he explained, it meant doing small actions which you probably didn't do before, like get a glass of water from the kitchen not only for yourself, but also your wife, every time either of you got thirsty. Or park the car away from your house so that you have to take those extra steps to get to it, etc. etc. You get the point.

The reason I am telling you this story is because it is the second time this has happened to me, that I have come up with a novel idea and then discovered it already exists. *sad.face* First idea was the 1000-Calorie Diet. Micro-movements are what I have been doing for past 5 years. When I was working in London, my work was 40 minutes walk from where I stayed and 9/10 times I walked (This should qualify for Macro-movement, actually :P). In Austin, my apartment was 20 minutes walk to the gym as well as grocery store so I never took the car. Today, unfortunately nothing is walking distance except the letter-box which is about 100 steps away from my apartment and I always try and walk it up (even in 100*F). I came across this article (Click here) explaining more about Micro-movements, if anyone is interested.


My new "It" food for the week is Blueberry. I had it once at Starbucks in a Yogurt Parfait and fell in love ever-since. Now I have started adding it to my Muesli & Milk in the morning too. I read somewhere that it's a 'low calorie-antioxidant-powerhouse' that tastes Yummm too!

Week 3 | Day 17 | 2nd September 2009


  1. You are right, it is by default we think Doctors and Police should be fit.
    Bluberries are very yummy and those are my 10.30am snacks.
    Make a yogurt shake with bluberries they too taste the idea from Jamba Juice shakes.

  2. haha! see something came out of your dubai trip! :-p

    i had a super healthy juice yesterday and it was actually yummy: apple, celery, beetroot, ginger. My micro-effort to not have the chocolate milkshake :-)

  3. Ruchika - I tried that today, I also added few strawberries and a spoon of Honey. It did taste Yummy :o)

    Anita - Not bad, I am impressed ! :o)

  4. Micro movements make sense...I think one of my kids is so skinny because although he eats waaay more than me he is always moving!

  5. Meetu D - He is going to be so handsome and fit :o)

  6. this week i m walking to my classes 3km frm our n fro its 6 km/day n strangely i m liking it and my classmates are giving me weird luks!!!


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