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Day 16 - Jump for Joy

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After 2 weeks of non-stop skipping, I am bored (BIG Surprise). Since, childhood I have never been able to stick to one activity. My Super-mom enrolled me in - Swimming, Taekwondo, Clay modeling, Kathak (a form of Indian Classical Dance), Salsa, Painting, Stitching, etc. etc. but I never stayed long enough to excel in any one of them. I just lose interest once I have understood the concept and want to move on to the next activity. Anywhoo, so for now I am done with skipping and have moved on to Jumping-Jacks. It's still jumping just without the rope!


There is this lady, who shall remain unnamed (just incase one day she reads my Blog :P) as she annoys me. She happens to attend almost all the group classes that I attend at the gym. She is 50 years old (I know that, coz had she declared it in the class once) and has lost about 50 pounds in last 4 years (also, heard from the horses mouth). Kudos! to her. I am very happy for her and she is obviously trying to keep the weight-off as well. But ... she has no sense of personal space! Sometimes she is late to class and just decided to stand where ever her heart desires and starts imitating (I'm just being mean, basically she follows) the instructor. Other times when she is on-time she sets her stations right in-between two people. I wonder why she always happens to be somehow around me!?!?! Well, she simply gets on my nerves. I just run-for-my-life after the class, as she has a habit of holding on-to-me and chatting about weight-loss & exercises! You can imagine, how hard it is for me to be nice and fake! :o)


Yesterday I experimented with another Rocking Soup - Green Peas Soup. Blended a cup of cooked green peas in onion, garlic and chillies (to reduce the natural sweetness in peas) and boiled it and sprinkled a pinch of salt and black pepper. It was simple to make, different and Yummm!

This & That

Recently, I read in Allure magazine, that research has shown that people who eat healthfully are perceived as smarter than those who choose junk. Hmph! Well, that's it. Now, even research shows that I am smart! HaHa. (Come on, that was funny :P)

Week 3 | Day 16 | 1st September 2009


  1. Wait! That research is wrong. We are not "perceived" as smarter---we who eat healthy ARE smarter. No, go--hop, skip and jump!

  2. Its like being all rounder, not an expert or master.Learning or experimenting is also a passion to follow.

  3. Is this 50-year old the same woman that called u 'cute figure'??? :-)

    Well then as per the magazine, I am SEMI-smart! :-p (currently to be precise...let's not talk abt the past and future!)

  4. open freedom , beautyfull life, that what I do understand. I am empowered by the strength of my body. And I am able to gracefully weather life's unexpected storms.Live , as though It were your last day on earth , to enjoy the Life.

  5. Meetu D - :o) What I was trying to say was that people who might not be 'really' smart will be perceived so, if ppl seeing them eating healthy!

    Mom - Ditto! I am the same :o)

    Ani - No, the other lady's name is Jane and she is a sweet heart. Yeah ... you are semi-smart, your words not mine :P

    Anon - I completely agree :o)

  6. u shud share ur soup recipes tanvi...


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