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Day 1 - Deranged Project

I have finally found my motivation this weekend. I had been looking for it since past 4 weeks and then stumbled upon it yesterday while watching "Julie & Julia". By-the-way, can I just say that if God ever decides to assign a God/Goddess of Acting it would definitely be Meryl Streep! Anyways, coming back to my 'deranged project'; the movie motivated me to set short-term goals for myself and I am doing just that.

So, of course, since nothing else fascinates me more than fitness (except films) - Enter 8 X 8 Project. I will try and shed 8 pounds (approximately 3.6 kgs) in 8 weeks. Now before anyone starts to give me any lecture on - "How I don't need to or I look 'just' fine or How I am already too thin ...etc. etc." Please! no offense to anyone reading but this is probably not for you. Move on to the next blogger :o)

Firstly, I do not have a To-Do-List for this project. However I do have a quite extensive and hard-to-follow Not-To-Do list which is as follows:

No Starbucks [where will I spend my morning now???]
No Alcohol [probably real test of will power]
No Desserts [shoot me, already!!!]
No food after 7pm [easiest on the list]
No Popcorn at movies [do-able]
No Traveling for 8 weeks [*wicked.eye.roll*]
No meals outside [weekends will be a real drag]
No Oil in food or even Salad dressings [Hmmm I'm worth it?!?!]

The idea is to put myself under public scrutiny, and I know I only perform under pressure. So this project is supposed to help me lose the 4 pounds I added to myself over my 5 week-long-vacation and the 4 pounds I was supposed to lose even before I went for my vacation. Don't worry I am not going to be a skinny bitch, just very very Fit (and Hot, may be!??! *wink*)

The difference this time is that my husband is also on-board with me, as he also wants to have "Jesus' abs" (Quote from the movie <500> A must watch!!).

So, we are in it together and this is how it goes - 8 pounds | 8 Weeks | 8 Things-Not-to-do

Week 1 | Day 1 | 17th August 2009


  1. I am totally with you on the Meryl Streep part. Have you watched "Bridges of Madison County"??
    Keep the motivation going...will be looking for your updates...
    BTW, research shows that you are most likely to lose and keep off weight when you do it with your partner--serious!

  2. Yes baby I want to look like God now :-p

    And, may I add that this is our effort to adopt a healthy routine for life and not just a temporary lifestyle change.

    Our new motto is - Eat "super" healthy and exercise daily.

    So baby let's do it!!

  3. Now since you have arranged to perform this deranged project, all I can say is GOOD LUCK! Just don't lose the zest and become crabby.

    Remember our couch days in London, frustrated ready to bite each other's head off after the 4th day of hummus diet! (followed by ben and jerry's tub to reward us!)

    Make sunday your one piece of chocolate day. :-)

    Btw, aren't you happy you are not meeting me for the next 8 weeks! :-p

  4. From Raja Babu to Raja Bhagwan?

    Good luck! You need to lose weight and become super healthy and fit! Please can you motivate Anish also :-P Pati parmeshwar HONA chahiye!

  5. Dear God n Godess,
    All the best for that great effort):

  6. Go for it! I lost 7.5 in four weeks, but I also drastically changed what I was putting into my body. It's so worth it.

    I'm totally with you on the "This is what I want" front. I've hit not entirely positive feedback from my health blog (, and it's not the greatest thing in the world, but whatever. They'll deal, and you'll look fabulous. :)
    Best of luck!


  7. Meetu D - I have seen that movie. I loved Meryl in that movie and every other movie I have seen of hers. And partner workout is so far working for us. *Touchwood*

    Ashish - We are SO on, right? :o)

    Ani - I can not have desserts. But you know my chocolate replacement is Protein shakes and bars which are chocolate flavored and kinda love them.

    And, YES! I am not traveling and not meeting you for 8 weeks so that I can stick to my goals :o)

    Mom - Thanks! Love you!

    Allyson - Thanks for the support girl. You shall hear about my 'struggle' everyday here.

  8. on the go girl ;-))xx

  9. u know what... when u first mentioned it to me on gtalk i thought 8 pounds in 8 days... now that wud have bin something....!!!! haha

  10. Harpreet - Thanks!

    MM - It is possible! But it wldn't stay for long either. Besides I wants ABS! and thye won't come in 8 days, unfortunately ... :o)


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