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Day 8 - Who survived the Weekend?

Ever since I saw Dil To Pagal Hai in 1997, I wanted to wear those savvy sports-wear Karisma was wearing. (Naturally, I couldn't else I would have looked like a Hippopotamus trying to fit into Snake's skin.) Today wearing those clothes is actually a motivation to get-up and go-to-the-gym for me. But you wouldn't believe what I saw today!!! I saw a middle-age man wearing a shortest shorts possible on this earth with a body-fit tank-top. It was a completely heinous sight. First, he was stretching in the same room where I was skipping and then he went to the step class (where he was jumping around). I have no idea what-on-earth was that man thinking. Really!!!


Yoga is really changing my life. I am not exaggerating. Everyday I am able to push my body a-little-bit more and when I come back home I get to show-it-off to my husband (since everyone in the class is already a pro, they are obviously not impressed with my baby-steps). Also, I broke my own record of skipping for 15-mins and reached 25-mins today. To distract myself from the clock I play games like I will keep skipping till jump a straight 100 or till I don't start sweating, etc. Works for me. Try it.


We had a good Mediterranean meal - Cous Cous with multi-colored peppers, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, chillies and turkey (for hubby) with Hummus over a warm whole-wheat Pita and Green Salad along with the Spicy-Mint Yogurt Drink.


My gracious audience will be glad to know that WE DID survive the weekend quite successfully. We were disciplined about our food and workout. We saw four movies (2 in the theatre) and did a little bit of necessity-related shopping. Over-all perfect weekend!

Week 2 | Day 8 | 24th August 2009


  1. Dil to pagaaal hai...dil deewana hai! I can say that for my appetite too! :-)

    Congratulations. 1 week over successfully. Keep it up!

  2. Yeah that was some guy in the gymn. Totally weird! We should donate him some clothes next time :-p

    Happy one-week over baby!

    Workout = Good
    Food = Good
    Life = Beautiful!!!

  3. Congrates Dear!It had been interesting as well as self control week.I tried too but got 50%.
    Rice cooked with chana daal n vegies tastes amazing n colorfull too.
    Good going.Haha.

  4. Hey hey! Way to go!

    First of all, let me say how much I LOVE old men that work out. It's hilarious. Aaaand somehow inappropriate at times. :D

    So--jumping. I jump ALL THE TIME. But I do mine in intervals. For example, if I'm watching tv and a commercial comes on--I do it during the entire commercial break, then stop. All breaks. It's a really great cardio workout! By the time I get to five sets of jumping in place for 3-5 minutes, I am TIRED. So worth it.


  5. Ani - Thanks :o) Good Luck to you tooo!

    Ashish - Baby! We are Perfect. :o) Yay to US!

    Mom - You are half way there ... :o) Thanks!!!

    Allyson - Thanks. Some how I have a mental block about working out at home (its carpeted). I associate exercise with gym. I know it's not ideal but some how when I can't go to a gym I can't work out! :( or Jump. I can Dance though :o)

  6. that story of the guy wearing tight shorts is hillarious !! i see a lot of them here not just at the gym but even on the streets..but yes on the streets they r at least not jumping :P plus it reminded me of this time wen i was in goa and this really good looking guy walked out of the water in white trunks and i realized he was clearly not doing it for the women there.hah.

  7. Sneha - Hahahaha! Oh God. It's really a torture to the eyes. Why do they dress like that? People tell women to cover up. Someone shld tell these guys "Leave something for the imagination" ... even if it's not for the women's imagination :P


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