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Day 6 - One life, live it Fabulously!

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My BFF sent me this article (Click here, to read) about materialism and how a simple shopping spree brings an "impulsive rush of happiness" . The article got me thinking if I am a victim of consumerism (or not). Although I cannot clearly reach the conclusion, what I do know is that I am not addicted to a single thing in life and my monthly expenditure doesn't exceed my means. But if moral of the article was that - "enjoying the luxuries of life" is being a victim ... then I probably am! Nevertheless, it's debatable and I love good debates :o)


I am so proud of myself and Mr. Fabulous as we woke up on our Saturday morning, had our super-healthy protein shake and head straight to the gym. We kicked-some-ass and then some ... ! My husband even said and I quote, " You look quite smart while working-out." Now ain't that sweet and motivating? We both had "legs" on our workout schedule, so we did that together and had quite an awesome time!


I am sure people in America would know about Whole Foods but for the benefit of my other worldwide readers let me mention it's a health store (which, by the way, was founded in Austin, Texas) where you can find groceries and all kinds of health-foods. We had our Saturday Lunch there. While, Mr. Fabulous had some Grilled Salmon and Salad, I enjoyed my daily dose of Tofu and Salad. For dinner I had to fix a quick whole-wheat tortilla with lettuce, tomatoe, cucumber, etc. due to the lack to time, as we had gone for a movie - Inglourious Basterds (My Verdict? Err...Umm... Watch it but do not expect too much).

People living in U.S enjoy the Tax-Free weekend and contribute to the economy.

Week 1 | Day 6 | 22nd August 2009


  1. Yeah...we did "legs" and some "abs"...I'm liking the pain!

  2. Tanvi, you will be proud to know that I took the kids to Whole Foods this week on a "field trip" to show them first hand the importance of eating whole grains and produce. Older one bought organic grapes and apricots, younger one bought red pear. Figs were gone! Both kids also bought chocolate (dark and organic. Amusing moment--they saw sugar cane and thought it was bamboo!

  3. You make healthy food also sound exciting :-)

    My cereal is whole grain- thats the maximum wholesome i can get :-) (for now atleast!)

  4. Getting motivated by reading healthy diet everyday.As a result i tried Slim Peach smoothy.It tasted yummy.

  5. Ashish - It's one of those 'rare' good pain. Right?

    Meetu D - I AM proud of them. They are early learner. In fact if they already have it all figured out they wont suffer from our pendulum lifestyles. Tell them I am very proud of them both!

    Ani - Healthy food IS exciting :o) You just have to stop comparing it to the 'unhealthy' food. It's not this versus that. It's a constant choice and then you will slowly start loving it, for REAL!

    Mom - Slim Peach Smoothy. Sounds Yum! Might have to try it myself :o)


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