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Day 5 - Breathe-In ... Breathe-Out

Mental State

Oh God! It's only the 5th day and I haven't lost even an ounce. I am getting impatient! || Breathe-In ... Breathe-Out | Breathe-In ... Breathe-Out || I blame-it-all on every single person back home who forced me to eat and doesn't appreciate my efforts to stay fit (the way I want to). || Breathe-In ... Breathe-Out | Breathe-In ... Breathe-Out || I promise myself I will not let this happen to me next time I am home. Never again. I wish I were a celebrity who could travel with her personal trainer everywhere she went and never had a problem of staying on track! *sob*sob*


Every once in a while I like to jazz-up my workout and break the daily routine of cardio & weights! I often attend group classes at my gym. Today it was the Step-Class. I have always struggled with Step-Classes, since the time I can remember. It requires you to be fast, swift, and have a knack-to jump around the step-board in complete co-ordination. The class usually starts with various single-step exercises which are eventually combined together to form a routine. That's the most difficult part for me. I only get the hang-of-the-routine when it's almost time to go! Nevertheless, it keeps my heart rate high, makes me sweat and focuses on my favorite body part - legs and abs. Funnily though, legs are my favorite part that I like to work on but my arms are better defined! Weird, eh?


For breakfast we have been having a Protein Shake daily (with fat-free milk). However, from today I have started adding fruits (banana/strawberry) and flaxseed to it which makes it extremely rich and filling. If anyone is not aware of the benefits of flaxseed, please click here. Basically is a great source of antioxidant, soluble fiber, and Omega-3 fatty acid. I have only, just started using it so shall let you know my personal review soon.

Today for dinner we served brown rice with steamed vegetable and roasted chicken breast with Spicy-Mint Yogurt drink which is our daily delicacy that we cannot do without.

Now let's just hope we survive the weekend - Ultimate Test!

Week 1 | Day 5 | 21st August 2009


  1. Hope you hang in there as you are doing great! I think that our bodies prefer to be in a state of homeostasis so it takes a lot of initial momentum to begin losing.

  2. i like the 'the way i want to'. always trying to explain that to people around me who cant figure out why i exercise when i dnt need to lose weight! good luck with the workout!

  3. Meetu D - I am hanging in there but my sweet tooth keeps calling me. I do have sweets but I crave for croissants and pastries now :P

    Nandini - I feel the feel you feel. People don't get that workout can be for more than just "weight" :) Thanks for your wishes!!!

  4. Step exercises make me feel like I am going to fall, trip or do that 'thing' u did with ur ankle! SCAREE!

    But anyways, keep up the jazz and get going! You can do it! Week 1 is a success :-)

  5. Ani - I know my accident on the Step 'thingy'. I am careful now. But it's fun though.


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