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Day 14 - For the love of Shoes!

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Earlier this week, straight after my workout, I went to Central Market (similar concept of Whole Foods) to buy some Dark Chocolate chips (for my daily dessert cravings). At the checkout counter the salesperson asked," Making desserts tonight?". First, I didn't grasp what she was asking but then realized it was due to the chocolate chips I had bought in bulk. I replied," No, I am watching my weight". Immediately after saying that I felt a little uncomfortable. You see, the salesgirl was a little overweight (I don't know why the word fat always seem inappropriate) and I being relatively thinner and saying," I am watching my weight" sounded a little harsh and something a skinny bitch would say! I had nothing else to say to redeem myself, so I gave my best-genuine-smile and left. I wonder why I felt so self-conscious ... Hmmmm!


It's always had to resist the temptations over the weekend as there is ample free time and somehow everything goes with food! Although, I think we did relatively well. This week's healthy treat was Idli-Sambhar, one of my favorite dishes from South Indian Cuisine. I made Sambhar with Moong dal instead of the Toor dal, as it has more health benefits and is supposed to be a high in protein & fiber and low in fat.


I love shoes! especially high heels (they are great for building calf-muscles). Even though, I do not get many chances to wear them in my current lifestyle, it never stops me from buying them though! I have even lost count of the number of shoes I own, but I am not complaining. My this month's splurge! They look absolutely delicious and fabulous. I can't wait to wear them. *drooooool*

Week 2 | Day 14 | 30th August 2009


  1. No need to be apologetic about "watching the weight"...
    Love the shoes but I have bad news for you T! Here's what the doctor says:
    “If the heel is continually in a raised position, then it shortens the calf muscle. All the weight is forced on to the metatarsal head and this can cause bunions, corns and calluses; prolonged wear also causes degeneration of joint function,” says Dr Charlotte Hawkins, a specialist in biomechanics and gait. “Overall, it is not a great idea.” So what is an acceptable heel height? “One or maybe two inches.”

  2. The comments are as interesting as the Blog.i like how ppl express feelings.

  3. If only we shared the same size! You would find a lottt of your shoes missing girl!

    Well i couldn't add my current obsession of the shoe I am going gaga for so check your mail! If I complete four more classes of yoga I am going to treat myself!

    I haven't actually lost any weight (all that muscle weight specifics) but I just feel nicer about my body.

    I did cheat this weekend with a lot of carbs in the night. But I am taking it positively because the cheating is motivating me to go punish my laziness (and reward my body)! And journalling helps!

  4. I just had Idli-Sambhar... but of course the conventional with moon-dal one !

  5. Kshitij - You can eat anything ... You are not on a crazy "Weight-ghatao-andolan" like us naa :o)

  6. You are not going to believe this--but I have loads of feedback hash about my blog, and how I "don't need to be watching my weight." Mainly, yes, from friends and family. As far as I'm concerned, it's my choice to be whatever weight I want to be, and I always cannot help feeling self-conscious when people bring up their own ideas and opinions about my weight. I feel that they are negating who I am and what I want, as a human being.
    So I feel ya.


  7. Meetu D - O!O! I hope wearing the heels once in a month is not too bad?

    Anon - I am glad you are entertained! :o)

    Ani - You are about to get a LONG lecture, again!

    Allyson - I know it's a little frustrating. I practice Breathe-In, Breathe-Out

  8. shoe shopping !!hehe just got a pair of sexy Dolce&Gabbana last week :) been wearing them everyday!


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