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Day 13 - It's all in the Family


It is the weekend again, but I am not scared anymore that we will fall-off our fitness bandwagon. We are quite in the zone now. I hope these are steps towards lifestyle change and not just a passing phase. Although, instead of Sunday, we assigned "Saturday" to be our resting day this week. And on Monday I shall hop on the weighing-scale and share the verdict with you all *super.nervous*. I am hoping to feel like this model flying in the air with her super-toned body.

Family Anecdote

The only person in my family who has equal (if not more) interest in fitness as me, is my Uncle (Tauji whom I call with love and respect). He is my father's elder brother. He is in his mid-50's but doesn't look a day older than 40. His secret is Yoga and super healthy eating habits. As my Grandmother tells me, he had, since childhood been conscious of his health and fitness, even when there was no awareness or information available. He is a Yogi (Yoga-expert). He can do all those fancy poses and aasans (postures) with total ease.

Now, living independently for almost 10 years, I am quite used to doing everything on my own, whether it's picking up heavy luggage, or furniture, etc. basically activities which are mostly considered a 'man's job'. As it happens, this summer, one day he had come over to meet me. I was holding the center table, to move it and make space for everyone to sit in my Grandmother's room (that's where we all sit as she is paralyzed and can't move). Later, when it was time to eat, we needed the table back in the center. So my Uncle got up to pick the table and put it back. That's when he realized that the table was actually heavy! You see, since he saw me picking it up with total ease, he sub-consciously thought that it would be really light. It was about 50-60 pounds in weight. He was mighty impressed with my strength. I am a super-woman in his eyes now. Though, he still gets a little sheepish on remembering the incident, this narration has been on his request and persuasion.

Movies & Philosophy

In every Human Resources class (in High School and Undergrad) I have taken, there was a lecture on Leadership without a doubt. Topic of debate - Are leaders Born or Made? I have always believed leaders a born. You can train one to lead but that does not make them a leader. Leaders are natural and command attention without asking. They inherently have the power to take charge and take action; people simply follow! Just yesterday when I was watching Gladiator (the movie), it struck me again that Maximus (Russell Crowe) was a natural leader. Even when he had become a slave and had to fight the Barbarians in Rome, he took charge without anyone asking him to do so (of course!) and asked all the other Gladiators to fight as ONE! and they followed his orders without any questions. Because he was a natural leader and hence commanded obedience. I can go on and on but I will be debating with myself so I shall stop ... I just wanted to make a point! :o)

Week 2 | Day 13 | 29th August 2009


  1. Love the story about the table! You ARE the superwoman. Fitness has so many functional benefits!

    Similar story--at my office we get 5 gallon water bottles delivered. Since I lift weights I can hoist and replace the bottles with one hand (40 pounds). The funny thing is that forget the women, even some men try to avaid it. I imagine they assume the bottle is too heavy.

  2. I loved the blog.M impressed the way u express.Keep it up.

  3. Mighty impressed, Tanvi !
    We were seeing some pics of yours (Leh / Ladakh) and all of us were remarking that you look fitter than ever ! Way to go...!
    - Manish

  4. u indeed commanded my attention. point, well expressed..which one..lets call it the..super woman wondering, is she the one..the leader :)
    Cheers n prob give me some tips on the workout as well, hopefully shud get encouraged n start somewhere!

  5. Meetu D - You are right! We are Super women :o) So finally we conquer the physical strength too!!!

    Papa - Thank you! :o) I am glad you read it finally.

    Manish Bhaiya - I am surprised to hear from you here! Glad you like it. Looking fwd to seeing your pics from Summer too! Thanks for the compliments.

    Geets - Thanks babe! I am sure you will do just fine without my tips as soon as you make up your mind and put your heart to it (as before) :o)

  6. I don't really have any words to describe how incredible you are at expressing. Just before starting the read each day I wonder if you would have managed to write something more interesting. And then just less than half way through I am totally impressed. You are unbelievably and phenomenally and spectacularly 'Tremendous' ; stunningly and fantastically 'Marvelous' with your words. WOW !!

    (See... I am a bad writer, I still couldn't find the perfect adjectives, I had to use so many to express ;)

  7. Kshitij - I am actually honored that you take out time to read it daily :o) Glad that you like it and THANK YOU so much for such nice compliments. I do have to think hard everyday on what to write .. but some how I manage!!! P.S. All your adjectives were perfect!!!

  8. Oooh, scales make me nervous too. Good luck! I absolutely use them, but I'm always frightened! :)



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