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Day 12 - Coco Chanel or Coco Puffs?


I have decided that once my project 8 X 8 becomes 4 X 8, i.e. I have lost 4 out of 8 pounds that I am supposed to, I am going to award myself (read: make my husband award me) a motivational prize. That is - this cute-little-workout shorts from Roxy! I have been eyeing them (by going to everyday) for last 14 days (2 weeks don't have same the effect as 14 days :P), but thought they were a tad-bit expensive ($48) for a mere shorts, which I am going to use to sweat-in! But, hey! you can't put a prize on motivation now, right? ** P.S. Nobody (and I mean nobody) should wear them with flabby legs. That will really be a crime! Yes, really!


A couple of days ago we had gone to a GNC store (General Nutrition Center). Me and Mr. were having this urge to splurge so we thought why not just go to a health store than to go and shop more clothes (Don't roll your eyes. Yes! we are almost the purrfect-existing-couple now). So at GNC, while I strolled to find a magic potion to melt-away my fat, husband spoke to this salesperson/fitness expert (with biceps and everything) about our daily food & fitness routine. Mr. Expert said that we are doing immaculately well in terms of nutrition, calories and workout and there is nothing more that he can advice us. Woohoo! Finally our lifestyle has been accredited by someone whom we believe knows better than us!


I experimented with this delicious and juicy salad I had read about somewhere. It has watermelon, feta cheese and a fresh home-made dressing. Firstly, I cut the melon and cheese in thin triangular slices and placed them on top of each other, consecutively. Then prepared the dressing with olive oil, white-wine vinegar, lemon juice, finely chopped shallots, serrano chillies, and salt. Let it chill until time to serve. It tastes divine and is really filling too. Promise!

Movies & Fashion

Today afternoon, while making the delicious salad and nibbling on watermelon, I also saw a biopic on Coco Chanel (multi-tasking, you see!). What a woman she was, and a strong one at that! My God, she was a real visionary in her field. Even people who are not 'fashion conscious' can appreciate her business-sense and her tough-resilient spirit. She was an illegitimate daughter of a nomadic peddler, raised in an orphanage, who became a legend and a multimillionaire (of course!). Her story is almost like a fairly tale of rising from the French gutter to French Couture. Girl-Power!

Week 2 | Day 12 | 28th August 2009


  1. keep it up tanvi- you're an inspiration!

  2. Please model your cute shorts 4 hubby. Am sure he will then award you another pair too :-)

  3. My fellow readers that is an actual picture of the salad that I ate today...

    Isn't it mouthwatering ??

    ....and needless I say that it was divine ! OOO-SUM!

  4. Wat a colofull yummy salad! i lov melons.Keep it up.Feel like joining u ppl for meals):

  5. Enjoyed reading this one too and finally managed to write in my feedback..truly loving you spirit and its wonderful to see Ashish too being so active with it :-)
    Recipe 1 noted, i shall try!!:-))

  6. Okay why don't you reward your avid followers of a photo with you in your shorts at 4 x 8? :-) Some real inspiration :-)

    Coco rocks (both chanel and puffs!). Where did you see the biopic?

    By the way, are there any supplements that aid in burning/breaking down fat or speeding metabolism that you came across?

  7. The salad looks yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe ;-)

    I agree with Ani... give us some REAL inspiration, do model for us in your cutie ROXY shorts... :-)

  8. Sharan - Thank you babes! You are a doll :o)

    Meetu D - Hehe ... You know that's not how it works with him :P

    Husband - I am glad you are liking me experiments. More ideas for our future ventures ;)

    Mom - You are welcome to join us, anytime!

    Megha - Thanks, yaar! Yes, Ashish is also takin very active interest. It's a lifestyle change for us.

    Ani - I shall think about it ;) If I look fit enough I shall 'may be' inspire you ... heheh

    I saw the Biopic on DVD. It's called Coco Chanel.

    I will tell about the supplements soon. Yes there are things which are 'healthy' and you can use.

    Nandini - You are welcome! Cooking is therapeutic to me. Try it and let me know what you thought!? And I will think about modeling ... heheh ... It might not seem obvious but I am a little shy (sometimes) :P

  9. Koyna - :o) Hmm! Have you seen those Skinny French women who wear Chanel? I doubt they eat coco puffs :P

  10. You know they might be having really good metabolisms! I know a whole load of people who remain skinny bitches even after hogging on macdonalds forever!

  11. Koyna, you make a good point! But that's where I draw the line. Just becoz they are skinny doesn't mean they are fit. Skinny fit is more like what I am going for :o)


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