Day 10 - Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect food - Michael Levine | - Old School Blogger. Not an influencer.

Day 10 - Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect food - Michael Levine

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I have been receiving a lot of feedback about my blog. Of course, mostly it's supportive and positive (Thank you, all). But every now and then, people tell me 'stuff' (with a smile, not sarcasm) which lets me know that they really don't get why my health (weight-loss in their eyes) is such a big-deal, after all. Some think it is vanity, some think it's a house-wife's fad who has time on her hand, some think I just like to exercise or some just think I am obsessive. I think exercise is like air & water to me and I love how my body feels after I let it sweat-out!

Nevertheless I am glad about all the feedback, as for the longest time I thought only 5 people were reading my daily saga (Husband, Mom, Cousin, BFF, & Viintii ... :P)!


It's going great. Although, today we (Mr. & Mrs) had to draaaaag ourselves to the gym but once we enter, we are ready for the whole-nine-yards!

It's my dream to have 6-pack-abs and do not buy the bulls--t about genes and all. One just has to work hard and eat right to get there. It's hard, no doubt, but not impossible (all these desi-stars do it). One thing I have picked up from Veronica (my trainer, catch-up people!) is 8 Minutes Ab Routine. I find the 3 sets of 15 repetitions quite monotonous, honestly. So what she makes me do it 1 minute of 8 different abs exercises. It sounds easy? It isn't! 1 minute = 60 seconds = 30 repetitions approximately and there is no break in between the 8 exercises (but at least it keeps me entertained and guessing!). Oh! Sweet abs ... where art thou?


If someone had met me about 20 years ago, they would find this really spoilt-brat who ate no vegetable (except potato, ladyfinger [okra], and street food) and no fruits (except banana, mango, lychee and grapes). Today, however, you just have to tell me, "It's good for health" and I will almost eat anything, except meat, eggs, and some slimy vegetables (hey! I said almost) like parwal or snake gourd (Yikes), tinda or apple gourd (Double Yikkess).


My search for a healthy (satisfying) dessert is still on. And I don't mean one of those fat-free, sugar-free, non sense. Do your research and you will find they are just promotional gimmicks or low-calorie but not 'healthy'! Right now I have settled for a table-spoon of Dark Chocolate Chips. Never in my life I thought I will leave my dear milk chocolate but now I have no other option *sad.face*. Apparently dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants (8 times the number found in strawberries) and has many ... many more health benefits. (Click here and read on for more benefits.)

All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!
Lucy Van Pelt (in Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz)

Week 2 | Day 10 | 26th August 2009


  1. Very entertaining read, Tanvi! Dark chocolte is the best, but dark chocolate with a few dense nuts in it is even it increases the fiber content of the chocolate. And, ahem, I noticed that the picture of chocolate you have posted is that of MILK chocolate :-)

  2. Beta!i agree with Meetu.U can add some fruits to ur chocolate.I had asmile reading the vegies u hate.
    How does Ashish manage without icecreams n aeriated drinks?
    Good going with Gym.

  3. I absolutely love the picture! You know what's my wallpaper for the longest time :-P Actually my profile pic would be even better!

    BTW, maybe once in a while you can treat yourself to a combination of dark chocolate and milk chocolate (pastilles) Its nice and not too sweet and has a lil milk chocolate to tease your senses. You have reached a stage of resistance, so once in a while treat urself to your 'old love'-it's healthy :-)

    As long as you are confident that you are healthy and not compromising on nutrition, keep going with your activities and 'food diet'! I am sure you will have those six pack abs (and I will have the 6 pack kitkat! :-p)

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  5. Meetu D - I will take ur advice and add some nuts to my chocolates. And, the pictures is meant to show my true love, which is indeed Milk Chocolate :o) I am just having a fling with it's close cousin! Hehe

    Mom - I add fruits to my milk shake in the morning. But I can ever once in a while add it to my chocolates too. Also, Ashish only eats ice-cream under my bad-influence. And he wants to look like GOD now so has given up Sodas and taken up water for he greater good :o)

  6. Ani - I always choose pictures for my blog with you in mind. Some how your one photography class in college makes you expert in my eyes :o) Plus, I will be lenient with my chocolates after 7 more weeks. For now it's persona non-grata!

    Viintii - You are the BEST! and I honestly appreciate your support and enthusiasm. I am glad you like the images. I do put in a lot of time and research to come up with a most exciting one for each blog. Honest!

  7. Will send you a recipe to make your own chocolate can add nuts of your choice to it. My dad loved it too...and it's shamefully easy to make.

  8. Meetu D - Cool ... Looking fwd :o)

  9. tanviii... im so jealous of u right now... i wanna do all the fun workouts too... i barely manage go for a jog every 2nd 3rd day... but surprisingly i dont feel fat these days.. :) mayb its coz of mom n all her pampering

    im dying to see ur abs (after these 8 weeks r over)
    vl plan a vacation around the same time together where u can flaunt them and i read ur blogs too... :) and i like

  10. MM - Thanks! I know you are busy with your GRE and if you still read them, then I am really honored. Muah! And don't be jealous babes ... you are pretty fit and literally pretty too :o) Enjoy your mom's pampering.

    Btw, i don't think abs will come in just next 7 weeks but I am trying ... But you got it right about showing off! I am dying to show off ... but I first gotta have them! :P


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