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Pot Belly? Love Handles? Spare tire?

Oh! I am so tired of the bloody-belly-fat. I have four-abs but the last two look more like a tire (not a truck tire but definitely a bicycle-tire). Although, I do a splendid-job of concealing it under my fab clothes :P. To add to my misery my summer indulgence (mangoes and lychees) haven't helped in shrinking it one bit either (of course!).

Lately, I have been sooooo tempted to try one of those off-the-counter pills to melt away this dreadful stuff that wobbles when I jump up and down (at the gym, where else?). But I DO know better, so I try and remind myself (my own preaching) - "If it doesn't seem like work, it probably won't work". Damn you, sweet-tooth!

My insightful trainer informs me that the belly fat has mostly to do what I eat. I did know that, I was just hoping she would have a magical solution for me, instead of her words of wisdom. No, Really! Her suggestion to me (besides re-assessing my diet) is to start climbing the stair-master and running on the treadmill like there is no tomorrow.

I have had these last five-pounds and stubborn-fat stuck to my body since over a year now, which just-wouldn't-GO! Right now I am not even able to derive any motivation from ogling at skinny celebs.

I love vacations, but after that follows these deep-dark-clouds-of-guilt ....


  1. Also, your shape has to do with your genetic makeup. You look fabulous so embrace the body---5 pounds and all.

  2. Your obsession with food and the way you look intriges me. but then again, i have finally found someone who thinks it's not ok just to look good, you've got to try to look your absolute best! hahaha

    but i think there are some pleasures in life it's just not worth giving up on. there's nothing better than stuffing your face while on holidays! i would never sacrifice that!if my advice counts in any way, i always walk a lot while on hols, and especially after big meals. even if it's just 5 min. while mike is sorting out the bill i go outside and start walking around the parking lot!
    then, when hols are finished, i have soup for dinner for a week. not boring soup, but rich soup that i make myself, vegetables, stock and some meat.
    belly fat is mostly unnecessary carbs eaten at night!
    take care! ;)

  3. Meetu D - I am really hoping to alter the genetic make up for the sake of our future generations! No girl should have to live with this hideous fat-build up!

  4. Aline, it's not my obsession with how I look but rather my passion for how FIT & Healthy I feel! Really :o)

    On most of my holidays I am quite sensible but this time I went back home where expression of love is to feed the person. And you can't refuse as that is considered offensive. So besides the stuff I wanted to eat I was forced to eat a lot of stuff just so I don't hurt their feelings. That is what is taking a toll over my belly!

    I will take up your tip and avoid the carbs at night. Thanks for sharing, though! :o)

  5. Dont panic.It will go slowly.Be regular with ur excercise nd walk or swimming.Healthy food n thoughts help to get bck 2 shape.All the best.

  6. Dear Miss Tanvi,

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  7. Fat around the belly is the most difficult to get rid of! I've been struggling as well. :(((

  8. u suffer from the same disease as me... a very mild case of BDD (body dysmorphic disorder)
    like our body image went from 0-80% good but it will never reach that 100%... somewhere inside us v want to be skinny and have no fat whatesoever... even tho v know that look is pretty yuck!!!! its complicated

  9. I hear you ladies. I am trying with-everything-I-have got ... to get rid of them but they aren't going no where! :(

  10. It is the same story everywhere. You look fine, for I don't see any flabby tummy.
    I have been in this exercise business for more than 15 years, and for last 2 years I have put on about 4 kilos, which whatever i do is not budging anywhere. Every time I make a trip abroad, I come back with extra weight which has become very difficult to lose.
    So the battle of bulge continues.
    You look great, and thank God for that.
    In the US, I noticed either people are very fit and slim or they are very very fat, there are no in between like me, only in India I really feel I am fat.
    Have a nice week ahead.

  11. my story is the same..my stomach almost looks like a 6month pregnant belly...


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