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India Shining?

I don't think I am an activist, feminist, or any "-ist" for that matter but there are just somethings that gross-me-out. However, who-or-what I AM is Ms. Practical (besides Drama Queen, but this is not the time for humor)!

My recent visit to my country made me realize how inconsiderate most indians are (which also reminded me of a dialogue from a Hindi movie - "I like India, but not so much the Indians"). I assume people lack the common sense or rather sometimes common courtesy to each other. How else would you explain well-educated, well-travelled, city-bred people throwing trash/chocolate wrapper etc. out of their moving cars? Or pushing each other at the airport to grab an empty cart? Or honking at cars in-front when they can clearly see there is a traffic-jam?

I do not believe that it's a matter of illiteracy or lack of awareness. It is simply disregard of the complete existence of people whom we do not know and hence don't care about (therefore, can push-over). Nevertheless, if we do happen to know them then we will just say a lame sorry (which we most-certainly-don't mean) and continue pushing our way forward! Footnote : These are not any new observations on my part. I have just found a medium to share them now, though!

Bottom-line : I do not see, India Shining!


  1. Tanvi, your observations are spot on. When they visit India my kids are very disturbed to see people throwing things on the ground.
    BTW, I noticed that it's not just grown ups who push and shove. I took my kids to a museum in Delhi. A class of school kids was visiting the museum too. Those kids just shoved my children out of the way to get a closer look at the exhibits!! My poor children who are born/bred in the US have no clue how to handle this :-)

    SO these habits are learned early....

  2. Gaurav SabharwalJuly 28, 2009 at 1:49 AM

    Tanvi, its great that you brought this up. But do you realize that some of these things didnt bother you staying in India for many years before you travelled. Its only after you did shift to the US got another perspective and could make a comparison and hence the thought and the article.
    I am nowhere trying to defend but what I am getting to is that sometimes people just dont know any better. That is what they have seen, that is what they live with and that is what they accept. But yes if people like us try to have the basic mannerism I am sure things will change!

  3. Meetu D - I feel their pain.

    Gaurav, I agree with you about people not "knowing-better" but I AM in fact addressing the very set of people who have had the luxury of 'knowing-better' but couldn't be bothered to make an effort and just look for the easy way out by following the herd!

  4. Love the poster..very witty!! :D

  5. babe... ure so not moving back ever!!! u've got the phoren bug :)
    when i encounter any of the things u mentioned i just remember the OVERPOPULATED state of our country... v have to struggle for everything... thats what makes us strong/uncultured. everything is a little bit harder back home.

  6. MM - It's not about the "phoren bug" ... I was ALWAYS like this, believe me. I know our country has lack of resources and is struggling in comparison to US but what is disturbing is that people "who-know-better" like ourselves are not even doing the minimum possible (throw trash in the bin). It's not "that" HARD!

  7. Stumbled across your blog, and am glad I did. You write really well!

    And of all the ones I read (yes, I read quite a few of them), I think this was my favorite. I absolutely and completely agree with you - and it irks me that people who should and do know better simply don't seem to. It is indeed utter disregard for the rest of society, nothing else.

  8. i think this is the reason why so many people want to leave and go abroad.i know i am one of them who want to leave..the general demeanor of people towards others is very disrespectful and it doesn't matter how educated they are.


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