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Good Vs. Bad

Tanvi is a good girl, now [Note: Emphasis on NOW]. I am finally moving on from the "Drama-Queen" phase and embracing health, as a lifestyle change and not just a quick-fix! I am loving my daily dose of grilled tofu, juicy watermelon, cold milk with Muesli, etc ...  I can go on and on ... (Having 8 meals is not a joke). However, my up-coming 5 weeks holiday is going to be a real test of will and self-control. I have so many vices to fight ...

Anywhooo, the reason I am writing this post is that last weekend I went to a Health Food Store, where I met this wonderful gentleman - Mr. John, Sr. who owned the store (I would guess his age to be somewhere around 60-ish). He was willing to share this experience and advice (free of cost) with me. He said he was also a Personal Trainer by profession. I wanted to know how can one reduce their fat percentage while maintaining their weight [technical no? I KNOW!!!] Besides the workout advice, he also handed me a list of foods which one should and/or should not eat. I read it out loud to Mr. Fabulous and GUESS WHAT? I am already eating 90% of the stuff on the list [rest 10% I can't as I am a vegetarian]. While I am doing the best I can, you will see there is still a lot of room for improvement ... 


  1. Please bring along your list :-)

  2. Tanvi,
    wow, you should publish (and copyright) your 8 meals a day with recipes and nutrition info.

    Enjoy your trip! Hope Mr. Fab has a gr8 time too!

  3. Welcome ! HEALTHY QUEEN & KING !

  4. I'm a BAD BAD Girl! And I'm not a GOOD GIRL for sure! Oh God, save me!

  5. Megha - I have by-heart the list already :o)

    Meetu D - I have plans ... I really do!

    Ira - All thanks to inspiration from you...!!!

    Anita - At least you have chosen the correct path now! *BIG SMILE*


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