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Book Review - Don't Lose Your mind, lose your weight by Rujuta Diwekar

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My BFF (we all should remember her from one of my February posts, Click here) recommended that I read this book Don't lose your mind, lose your weight because she thought it sounded a lot like me! And I have to say Rujuta (the author) saved me a lot of time by writing this book (:P). Jokes aside, I loved the book!

Mostly, I read health/fitness related books to increase my knowledge and stay motivated. They help me reinforce my beliefs and stay on track. Besides, reading different point of views and experiences gives one a complete picture, really! So I ordered the book through Amazon as it's an Indian Publication and read it cover-to-cover in less that 2 days.

The book (like most health-oriented books) focuses on about all aspects of a human body (from waking-up-to-going-back-to-sleep), nutrition, eating-right, awareness, etc. However, what makes it different from all the others books I have read is it's ability to connect with the reader. It's written in very simple & basic english and explains what you should do (or not) with practical reasoning. A lot of times while reading the book I went, " Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Now, that makes sense".

Steps she recommends to stay healthy:

  • Wake up close to sunrise - [I do. Yay! for me.]
  • Eat within 10 minutes of waking up - [I started eating from TODAY, because her reasoning convinced me.]
  • Within an hour of Meal 1, eat a nice, home cooked breakfast - [I am working on it.]
  • Eat every 2 hours after meal 2 - [I do. Double Yay! for me.]
  • Eat your dinner within 2 hours of sunset - [I do. That's a hat-trick, Yay!]
  • Sleep at a fixed time - [I do. Is there a prize, or something?!?!, besides good health?]
What I liked the most about the book was the message that it passes on. Focus on healthy living (eating) and weight-loss shall consequently follow...!

Her book has motivated me to -
  • Pay more attention to my breakfast
  • Plan 8 meals to eat in a day (of course small portions)
  • Say NO to chocolate ice creams (I was having them WAYYY too many times)
  • Take up Yoga again!
It is a very good and motivating read for anyone looking for right direction, especially Indians!


  1. ..and thanks to you, Blogger-T, I no longer have to spend hours reading the books. I can just listen to their best parts in a more delectable manner :-D

    Keep on reading (and of course writing)!! Yay! (that's the fourth one for you..;-P)

  2. i hope BFF doesn't mean Big Fat Foodie!!!
    :-) Being Funnily Foolish? (by still eating in spite of being motivated!) Whatever it is... soon it shall represent Big-time Famished Foodie! Glad you enjoyed the book. One of the things I picked up is "eat your fruits, don't drink it!"

  3. Tanvi, sounds like a great book. I love your summary. Will have to check it out in Del.
    We are expecting your book to best this one, so in between the 2 hour meals, I am hoping that your keyboard is clicking away :-)

  4. I feel i cant follow ne ones rules where food is concerned.I understand my body nd love to eat what i like when i want.(2 keep the mind intact).
    But thanks for giving the summery of the book.I always lov to hear that from u,instead.

  5. with all the eating, when do you find the time to work out? :) i wish i had as much self control as you do!

  6. A - You shld read too! Sometimes ... :o)

    BFF - I am glad you are making some amends towards your food at least!

    Meetu D - I can give you the book if we meet .. or you can just read the one write... when I write :P

    Maa - Thanks!

    Amy - You just gave a great topic for my next post.

  7. i've also been meaning to get your opinion on the p90x program. it seems to be all the rave and i know quite a few people who have started it (but no one that's finished it). have you heard anything about it? is it worth it?

  8. Tomorrow i am picking this book. Promise. Thanks for motivating me.

  9. Kiran - Let me know how you liked it :o)

  10. hey i too read this in 2 days n ya absolutely loved it...even i made notes on all the points she wrote in the opened my eyes in more than a way!!n i accept on that ppoint that u resemble a lot with her...yay!!thats fifth for u


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