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Still Struggling to Stay Fit!

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So the Fabulous month of February is over and I have no excuse but to be back on my 'fitness-bandwagon'. Although right now I'm fighting a throat infection (which makes me cough like an old-TB-patient). All the coughing is refraining me from doing any exercise at all but I am still doing the best I can (crunching my abs during coughing - It's working!!!). Everyone who know me well enough would believe that I am CRAZY enough to do this :o)

But Hey! now I have no reason to get off-track. The Party is over. So need to return to Life! To help me even more, few of my college friends posted some pictures of mine from my past-FAT-life, and that worked wonders and motivated me enough, to continue on my path to wisdom (of course health, I am just trying to dramatize it :P)

Also, the summer is coming and I have always craved to wear all those itsy-bitsy clothing. All my life I have refused to wear anything that didn't flatter my body but I think I am finally ready! I just might have to plan a vacation to some beach-y place to flaunt my hard work *wink*. All these dreams also go down as my morning pep-talk when I am trying to get myself out of bed to hit the gym.

This is another post without any real message or point, I guess. Simply sharing my constant struggle to stay fit and over come my personal hurdles. Although I am sharing another 1000 calorie menu of mine on popular demand:

Fruity Cereal with Nuts (200)
Fat Free Milk (80)

AM SnackCheese on Whole Wheat Crackers (200)

Vegetable Stew (250)

PM Snack100-calorie Popcorn pack (100)

Vegetable Pilaf (300)

Total Calories - 1,130
P.S. You can always add lean meat to your stew or pilaf. Simply read the Nutritional Value on the label and MEASURE your food to stay within the calorie count! Also, often if time permits I eat my lunch and/or dinner with an interval in-between, i.e. divide the full portion in two halves and eat with an hour interval in-between.
That's all from me today!

Please wish me speedy recovery because I am dying to HIT the gym!


  1. Hey chick - nice menu. I noticed there's not a lot of protein there though - you'll need that if you want to burn more fat and replace it with muscle. Also, brown rice or other complex carbs at lunch, if even a little, will help you do your cardio more successfully and give you the energy to go that extra mile. At first it seems self-defeating, but trust me, that meat and carbs will actually make you lost a lot of weight faster, and get much more toned abs ;) Try a lunch of sushi :)

    From one fitness freak to another ;)


  2. but now the Fabulous month of MARCH has started!!! so now?!!?!? i celebrated ur february..u have to celebrate mine!!

  3. I wish you a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy quick recovery Tanvi................and as always it was great reading ya blog, I enjoyed it to da keep em' coming in alwayz ;-)

    Cheers to our Ozone Days !!!

  4. tanvi - thanks for the motivation! i definitely think your post has a point. to motivate me to get my ass to the gym. which i did this morning. for the first time in about a month. i forgot how much i like being there once i'm actually there! there's some motivation, right?

  5. Anna - You are absolutely right! :o) Your point is well pointed. P.S. I am a vegetarian, though!

    Anita - If I were with you I would have definitely celebrated your Maddening Month of March :D

    Viintii - Cheers! You are the Best! Thanks :o)

    Amy - Congrats! You made it there. I think getting out of bed and making it to the gym is half the battle won. Once you are there you do get more motivated to workout. Having people with similar goals around me definitely helps! :o)


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