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Judgmental, Opinionated, Straight-forward ... et al

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Judgmental, opinionated, straight-forward and many more (on similar lines) are few adjectives I have often heard people associating with me and I don't mind because everyone has a right to their opinion, after all! What I do wonder is that why are all these magnificent adjectives always used in 'negative' light? Why is society hell bent in proving that these attributes are not 'qualities' but only short-comings of a person?

Of course, don't judge a book by it's cover but surely it should be all right to judge it by it's content? I am glad I am judgmental because, to me, it means that I use my brain and give some thought in forming my 'judgments' about issues, people, situations! And same goes for being opinionated (not self-opinionated!). I know the dictionary defines this as being unduly adhering to one's opinion but if someone has clearly sought after all the possible reasons and options and then calmly formed an opinion to which, he/she would like to stick to, I assume it should be acceptable!?!?

But being straight-forward is apparently the biggest crime of all. If you answer a straight Yes or No to a question and do not indulge in any explanations - Guess What? - You have offended the person questioning you! I definitely do not mean to say that one has to be rude while being straight-forward but hey! it does save a lot of time if you are not sugar-coating every word coming out of your mouth. Also, it leaves very little margin for anyone to twist and turn your words around to mean something else all together...

Another set of words which I truly feel are tortured by us all are - sacrifice and compromise. I do not think they lack the personality or need to be seen with empathy and/or pity. I do not know why people always evoke thoughts of suffering and distress when they hear them. These are words (or actions) which form great relationships and in turn, society. They are, in my opinion (because I am opinionated) symbol of personal growth and wisdom. Don't get me wrong, I'm an individualistic (and a HUGE fan of Ayn Rand) but I'm definitely not selfish and self centered.

Mostly, what people think (about me or my thoughts or othewise) does not bother me. What does bother me is how they think!


  1. thank you. i am often described as this too and mostly in a negative light. and i don't necessarily think it's all negative to be judgmental. at least it's honest. and that's all i want, honesty!

  2. Uhh...cover and content are the only 2 aspects of a book in the context that u spoke of..rite? or if u think otherwise..I may be mistaken.

    Anyways...me being a person who likes to judge people fairly, regardless of how their popular image maybe, Id say.. the reason why people get offended by a straight 'a spade is a spade' kinda answer is cuz life is 3 dimensional - a whole 360 degree thing...while u see those people in a 2 dimensional aspect.

    The dimensional explanation is lengthy..so..the point is..u keep going as u r..dont bother. But u shud be prepared to face the same thing urself by someone else u might think is rude while that person thinks he's just straight forward..

    confusing? 3 dimensional. Tas rite.

    I'll visit u more. I liked ur post.
    Anand. :-)

  3. I agree, Amy! I like honesty too. It might hurt but I want it nevertheless :o)

  4. Anand,
    I didn't mean to focus on the number of aspects a book has but whether it is alright to judge the book once you know all the aspects!

    And I see your 3 dimensional point but I don't see the reason for others to get offended.

    Nevertheless, thank you for your feedback :o)

  5. This guy says it all! -


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