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1,000 Calorie Miracle!

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"I like to Party" is mine and husband's personal anthem. We like party and travel and eat-out often (more than necessary but who's counting). However, that means no workout and more calorie intake (considering 1 drink = 200 calories approximately). We all have been through the holiday-weight-cycle (I am sure!!!) but if I am going for a holiday every second month I cannot afford holiday-weight every time. It almost takes about 3-4 weeks to loose that in the first place.

So my creative and very informative brain came up with a solution of 1,000 (to 1,200) calorie diet. Later, I came to know that people had already thought of this and were successfully following it (but at least I reached this awesome idea myself ... with a little help from Mr. Fabulous as well :P). Well, the simple logic in weight-management is calorie-in versus calorie-out. So if within 1,000 calories I can manage to have 4 meals and all the vital nutrients then it should work (and IT DID).

To my benefit I am an excellent-innovative cook (modesty is not my best trait!). So with my knowledge and internet, I managed to make an amazing variety of dishes which were within 200 calories each and not to mention absolutely delicious-yet-healthy. To give an example menu,

Glass of fat-free milk (80)
Muesli (100)

AM SnackHalf a Protein Bar (90)

Any Sandwich without cheese on 45 calorie slice bread (250)

PM SnackBanana (100)

Salad without dressing (100)
Whole wheat Pasta with a lot of grilled vegetables (250)

Total Calories - 970
Since we have been following this diet (which is about a month), Mr. Fabulous has lost about 2 kgs with moderate level of activity and exercise. He is not a gym-fanatic life myself, instead he enjoys running and outdoor activities (so, who's complaining? :P). Therefore whenever we know that we are going to splurge on food and drinks over the weekend, we try to balance-it-out over the week by being good (and sensible eaters)! This, I believe has proven to be extremely filling yet effective diet so far, specially when it's just a matter of a few kgs/pounds.

Food for Thought :

It takes 3,500 excess calorie intake to gain about 0.5 kgs. So, 600 extra calories (2-3 drinks) every weekend would mean about 4 kgs over the year (Cool, eh?)!


  1. how many calories does a cuppycake have? ;-)

  2. Anita, that would be 250 :-(

    But Tanvi, I feel that 1200 calories might be too restrictive for people to eat for the rest of their lives? What do you think?

  3. Meetu D,

    I agree that it's not a life long solution. This is only helpful if one knows they are going to be drinking or having a "busy-eating" weekend. Doing this will avoid piling the calories assuming every weekend is not drinking-eating weekend! :o)

    Also, it's a good way to lose a couple of pounds which we gain during the holidays, accompanied with exercise of course!

  4. Hey Tanvi.. I have always read that nutrition label on almost every food container is based on an avg of 2000 calories daily diet... i know that its an avg no. and some bodies might need more and some less.. but isnt 1000 calories a bit too less

  5. Tanvi,
    Its good 2 count calories but for me its very difficult as i eat very limited diet n not munching either.My lower body needs only excercise 2 b fit n control d expansion!!!!!!

  6. Shefflali,

    You are right about the 2000 calories but that would be to maintain your weight. I was suggesting 1000 calories only to balance the excessive drinking and eating over the weekend (once in a while) or for 2-3 pounds of weight gained over the holidays.

    The calories taken should be directly proportional to your activity level. If you have a sedentary lifestyle then may be you are only burning 1500 and taking 2000 which is resulting in weight-gain!

  7. Anon,

    I think you do not need to count calories then. This is only helpful for those who munch blindly and do not know how their body's shape changed!


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