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Spreading the terror message

My parents and I usually discuss the current affairs from back home and worldwide, whenever they call ( from the lack of new topics of conversations :P) . Just the other day my Super-Mom brought this to my attention and asked me to shoot a short note to the editor of a daily paper (in Delhi). It was about Osama Bin Laden's call of jihad! He was apparently doing this to place emphasis on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

While I am really bored of his video communications (yawn!) this particular post is addressing the media. I honestly do not understand why they give so much attention and importance to what Osama (or any other terror messenger) has to say. By continuously airing and translating his message (in every language) they are merely providing him with a greater platform to reach everyone with his disarrayed "call". Visual and print media, both should realize that they have a greater responsibility and that they are communicating 'his' message to everyone who may or may not have the best judgement at hand. If it was not for the media, I do not think half the world would know what Osama Bin Laden had to say or that who he even was! 

All forms of media should come together for this forum and ban (restrict) such news from reaching the common man who is not equipped to comprehend it. Media, doubtlessly, requires more stringent filters while choosing their news, specifically, when it involves terrorists or Osama Bin Laden in particular. Simple! 


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