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Re-thinking my (now married) Life

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Recently it dawned upon me that I am married! No, not in the context of commitment but of responsibility and daily routine mostly. Well, let's go back to how that happened.

I have been happily married for 1.5 years to a very loving and caring man (we'll call him Mr. Fabulous) and these past months have been a steep learning curve for me (in terms of household management). Before this I had never really cooked a full meal or bothered about laundry and ironing or had anything to do with having a monthly budget (My thoughts - Why would anyone need a budget? Life is full of shopping emergencies!!!).

Although, I love learning new things without being taught (weird, eh?). The things is, that, I am quite aware of what I can and cannot do and I prefer to learn on my own (through books, online material, observation). And when I need help; I ask! Until then I do not like being told-to-do-anything! I have already mentioned this in earlier posts, haven't I?

Well, getting back to the original story - So, no matter what I do, I have to be THE BEST at it (like I should be given a title of 'Jack of all trades and Master of them too'!) So I started getting my hands around managing the household, like paying bills, doing the grocery, running odd errands, and most importantly cooking for Mr. Fabulous as he loves food (It was easy to get into his heart, but to stay there forever I have to go through his stomach)

Now after 1.5 years I have learnt everything that is there in running a household and slowly I was losing interest in doing all the cooking and cleaning. So I decided that in January 2009 we will stop cooking for at least a week and order "healthy" take-away(s). But, guess what? it didn't even last for 2 days! There are 4-5 meals in a day and you have to get your hands-dirty (so stay within a budget) and BAM it struck me - I am married! and I will, for the rest of my life, have to (or at least try to) behave like a responsible adult (WHAT???).

P.S. I love being married though. I would highly recommend it to everyone, who can manage to find 'someone' first! (Not 'the one', just someone) :P


  1. nice post tanvi. amusing one. I have known u as unmarried free spirited person too n used to be amused with ur views on love n marriage n I have seen ur growth as blissfully married person too. I just wish u all the best always

  2. Dear Mrs. Fabulous,
    The hubby is lucky that he found you!

    To follow up with my comment on your soon-to-be-released book...You can make it about looking fab (by cutting the flab), cooking fabulously, and living well, all on a fab budget!

  3. Thanks, Kiran! But I would like to believe my views are still the same on love & marriage ... I have only become a little wiser and lenient :o)

  4. Thanks Meetu D! I am sure he already knows that :o) Also I'm going to ask you to help me with the book idea of yours whenever you have time!

  5. The TITLE really suits him!!!

  6. Maa - He hasn't said anything, but I am sure he likes it too!

  7. Tanvi .. sorry for reading this article almost after 2 years but you know ...I can co-relate with this and enjoyed understanding your thinking towards life and rest all :) I have a smile on my face..Good to see that your hardwork is now paying off ..All the best lady

  8. "I would highly recommend it to everyone, who can manage to find 'someone' first! (Not 'the one', just someone) :P "

    !! This one blew right over my head ! ...

  9. haha, I am recently married, well 8 months now (so not so recent really) but I kind of now understand this, I started getting irritated for a while that OMG I will not do any household work, I was brought up like a princess and thats the way I like it, but ya eventually now I am kinda getting used to keeping the house clean, making dishes, etc. etc.

    Just having a wedding doesn't make you married its the time after that, that does...


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