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Question and Answer Session - Part II

DQ2 - I love chocolates and everytime find an excuse (either due to periods, or stress or depression) to have some. I've been told that its due to a deficiency in the body, and that I should take multi vitamins. Is that true or am I making excuses again?

Again, I am no expert but I have read that women experience a magnesium deficiency during menstruation which chocolate is apparently loaded with but the results of the research were inconclusive. There are lots of other foods which are high in magnesium but we do not crave them now, do we? So my best answer would be you are giving yourself another excuse.

In the initial days when I had chocolate cravings I used to go and have the fat free ice cream(once a week), or dark chocolate. However, now I have found an excellent replacement in Protein bars! They are high in protein, make you feel full (as they are also Meal Replacement Bars) and are available in Chocolate Chip and Chocolate brownie and Double Chocolate etc.

DQ2 - Everyone around me has joined the Weight Watchers and have got wonderful results in no time. I very often get tempted to join again but then I look back and remember how I gave up after 2 months of joining the same ages ago. Should I give it another shot?

Even I have heard wonderful things about Weight Watchers so I assume it must definitely work but I cannot tell you whether you should give it another shot or not. It's something you have to decide for yourself. I have not tried it personally though. But no matter what program you join you need to see-it-through till the last stage else nothing would work! If your answer to all the below questions is YES! then you are ready to give it another shot.

Are you ready to give your 100%?
Are you fed-up of your body image?
Will you be able to say NO to all the calories?

At the loss of sounding like just another skinny bitch who is giving a lecture, there is really no other way around it. There is no quick fix! I had had three gym memberships (which went completely waste) before I actually took it seriously! So it's your call.

DQ2 - I have noticed that when I do not eat carbs for a few days I tend to lose weight quicker but I love them... how can I plan meals without it and still feel full?

But who said you have to plan your meals without them? You need carbs for energy and survive the whole day's hard work that you do. Just don't dive into a bread basket every time you are at an Italian restaurant. Choose your carbs smartly. Replace:

Ice Cream, Pasties, Muffins etc. with Protein Bars
Potato Chips with Vegetable Chips, Baked Chips
White bread with Whole Wheat or Multi Grain
(Btw, Oats are excellent source of good carbs)

Recently I had put on 4 pounds (approximately 2 kgs) and then I started eating 5 times in the day and under 1500 calories and in two weeks I lost it without even realizing it. You need to eat low calorie food (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, most vegetables) but more often to kick in your metabolism.

DQ2 - I tend to go out a lot, minimum 2 times weekly. How should I structure my meals so as to avoid junk?

It's a good thing that you go out often. It's less likely you should ever feel deprived of "good" food! But like I said before, eat something at home and go so that you are not really famished.

You have to mentally prepare yourself to choose what is healthy on the menu. You do not have to go for a three course meal every time you head out. Just order one dish and eat it slowly so that you make it last the whole meal and do not eat to fill time in between. There are always salads, soups (not cream soups), baked/steamed dishes. Do not order anything that says fried or deep fried (even worse). Oh! and I almost forgot, definitely skip the desserts.

Do not think every meal you eat out is the last meal of your entire life. Restaurants will always be around and they will continue to make those food dishes even when you go there next time around. So you can just eat enough to fill you up and then stop. Luckily in the U.S. it is acceptable to ask the server to pack half-portion of my food for take away, even before they serve me. That ways I never over-indulge. But if where you live this is not possible then you have no other option but to leave it. There is no shame in letting the food to go waste when you go out since it's not you who decided the serving size there! Don't treat your stomach as garbage-can just to sweep the dishes clean!

DQ2 - Can I have alcohol?

Honestly, you cannot. I didn't have any alcohol for one whole year when I was trying to shed weight. Cocktails and hard liquor is loaded with unwanted calories that you just wanna avoid pilling on. However, worst-come-to-worst scenario, if you have to drink then have a glass of Red Wine.

The silver lining to all these sacrifices would be an awesome-fit-body which you would feel comfortable and confident in. None of these dramatic food and lifestyle changes are permanent. You would be able to get back to 'normal' lifestyle (relatively) once you have achieved your goals. But, believe-you-me, by the end of the journey these choices would have become a part of your life and you would actually love the clean food and life. All you gotta have is patience and determination from within. I am afraid no one else can give you that!

I hope I am able to answer all your questions Drama Queen No. 2.

Good Luck!


  1. Tanvi,
    Point number 1--I see a book deal coming your way. Suggested title: "Drama Queen Diet."

    Second suggestion: Start an online weight loss community to provide tips and motivation to people trying to lose or maintain weight. This is esp. lacking for the desi community so you would fill a niche.

    Point number 3---Do you need an agent? My commission is negotiable :-)

  2. Thank You Meetu Di! I will seriously consider all your suggestions!

  3. I absolutely love it Tans! LOL Can I share, can I share to all the fatter and skinnier ppl than me out there???? They will love it!

  4. i lost 3 kilos..n want to loose more...ty tanvi!!!u have fair impression on me!!!


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