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Motivational Tip No.3 by The Drama Queen


Oh Boy! I never thought motivating people would be so hard. So far I was only struggling to motivate myself, but lately when people ask me to motivate them or guide them I feel this un-controllable urge to-do-what-I-can (to help them). But mostly I try and resist giving lectures to friends and family about health and food etc (unless asked for) because I feel that they will think I am imposing my views on them.

While motivating myself I just have to be good-old-Drama-Queen but motivating others means really trying to tell them all the mumbo-jumbo about health/food and it's benefits. The most frustrating part is when their motivation doesn't last for more than 2 days and we are back to ground zero. Personally, my motivational fight is only against laziness (more like procrastination) and chocolates but other than that I am all good! But people amuse me with their excuses (they call them reasons!!!) for the lack of fitness and healthy eating!

Excuse No. 1 - Do not have time
If you do not have time for yourself then I am not sure who are you living for and why are you living at all?

Excuse No. 2 - Can't kill myself doing this "health-stuff"
You do not want to kill yourself doing it, but I assume you are all right literally killing yourself eventually due to bad health (of course there are a billion other reasons besides your health that you can die, but I bet you wanna avoid as many as possible, specially if they are in your hands!?!?!)

Excuse No. 3 - Have a very busy and happening social-life
You should seriously question your lifestyle if you put social and recreational life before good health. Besides you will only enjoy your social life if you are healthy else you will be either the 'fat' person everyone looks-at or the skinny person whose rib-bones people count! (Terminally-ill-malnutrition(ed)-look is not in anymore! Thank God!)

Excuse No. 4 - Tired after work (everyday!) and not a morning-person!
Wow! No room for improvement here. These are the kind of people I simply give up on. Telling them anything is only waste of my precious time and energy. They will learn when they are ready.

Excuse No. 5 - Lack of motivation and lack of resistance to so-called-good-food
I believe, this is the most common excuse I have heard but the good news is that I feel these kinda people at least have some hope! It's just very exhausting to motivate them every-single-day and try to give them good reason to have a healthy balance diet. I do believe that health consciousness only comes from within but if you know someone is being 'un-healthy'' (like your father!!!) right next to you, how can you not interfere? So, I am struggling here!

However, with every passing day, I am becoming more and more empathetic towards my Super-Mom. My whole childhood she tired to make me conscious about my health (Was I stubborn or was I stubborn!). I simply had to do the opposite of what she was telling me to do :P But tables have turned now. God has imparted wisdom to me and I can't help but impart it to everyone around me. Specially whom I really care about.

Tip No. 3 -
You are the only one who can change your body!
So learn to differentiate between a 'real' reason and an excuse.


  1. Dear Drama Queen, help me with my original excuse!!!

    "I hate working out!"

    Why does life have to involve sweat? Why can't we always be cool, laid-back and sweat free?

    Can't I buy one of those machines that shakes my rear end while I read a magazine, and makes my inches disappear magically? Or what about those infomercials that promises to work it's magic in 3 minutes of exercise a day?

    Please give me hope that those are real solutions!!!

  2. Dear Meetu D,

    You can be sweat free! Try Pilates, Yoga, or even Dancing?

    And about your alternatives, since I haven't tried them I can't say if they work or not but something I have learnt is that if it doesn't feel like work then it probably won't work. I do not think there is an alternative to 15-30 mins of, some form of activity to stay healthy (not necessarily "exercise")

    I hope I have given you some "hope"? Have I? :)

  3. Hi!
    I love 2 b fit n like the compliments i get for it.But i kno m gaining few inches( u kno where).PPl arround me discourage to do gym or excercise.Insread ask me 2 eat extra.Trying 2 b 16 / model banane ki zarurat nahien are d punches?What do u say on that??

  4. Dear Maa,

    There are a lot of reasons why people say those things . 1) They are jealous 2) They do not know the difference between health and "looking" thin 3) They have 'indian' mentality etc. etc.

    You just have to believe that you know better than them and just smile to their comments like you always do to all their other comments :o) After all, you are going to be hail and hearty when everyone else will be complaining of knee-head-back pain!

  5. Dear drama queen,
    Thanks for your response! Will have to consider those options!

  6. Eternal Excuse: I CAN NOT AVOID TEMPTATION. ACTUALLY I TEMPT TEMPTATION. and i know all the same food will be there today tomorrow forever..but stilll...!
    Eternal Solution: ONE DAY... ONE DAY... :-)


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