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Motivational Tip No.1 by The Drama Queen

I believe motivation requires a little bit of drama. I have always had to think in superlative extremism and blow things out of proportion (well, being realistic as much as possible) and then go for it! I hold on to any thought that motivates me and helps me to go in the direction I always wanted to! (Oooh - Fitness ... AND Philosophy)

No one can ever MAKE me do anything (Ask my Mom) :P I know that all the world's trainers-diets-health foods-fat loss pills cannot replace my own will to be FIT. Absolutely NOTHING else will work and this is coming from a person who had tried everything possible to lose weight "quickly". There is no quick way around the body.

I had always been a 'cute-chubby' kid (big-boned-broad-structured) and now I think this was just an excuse for not being 'fit'. My Mom (Let's call her Super-Mom) ... so my Super-Mom tried her best to cajole me (and my brother) into all sorts of exercises when I was growing up- Swimming, Badminton, Taekwando, etc. But I just wouldn't give my 100%, simply because I was being 'told-to-do-so'. To be honest I never really thought I was FAT. I was just not skinny and that was fine with me, until I realized (more like SHOCKED) that I was actually FAT!

I found extremely hard to motivate myself to do something about it. When I did go to the gym, I found it even harder to stay there long enough to do any serious exercising. On the down side, by going to the gym I started believing that I could eat anything I want. Psychologically I was working-out now, so I deserved to treat my self (but what - EVERYDAY?)!

However, 5 years ago when (I think!) my fitness-journey actually began, I derived motivation from jealousy! I gawked upon everyone whom I considered fit (my ex-roommates, celebrities, colleagues). Specifically and most importantly I drew my motivation from people who were once in my shoes but today were FIT. So if they could do it then I DEFINITELY could (because, you see, I am above everyone :P)! This, probably, was the turning point! The competitiveness in my brain led me to see the light ... ! But the best part is that those people didn't even know I was competing with them. (Isn't that the best kind of competition! - You always win :P)

So the Tip (No.1) here is - 

Draw motivation from things you see "Everyday"
Only then you will be able to stay motivated "Everyday"


  1. Tanvi, this is amazing. You have truly written well.
    Loved it and truly motee-vating.

  2. Yo writer chick! Loved ur blogs..and I will take each day as it comes. Today I ate falafel
    so journey to fitness shall begin tomorrow! :-) (and my tomorrow hasn't come..YET!!) But indeed inspiring enough to do a few yoga poses!

  3. Thanks A & A! Thanks for reading. I hope I am able to motivate Anita and then I shall succeed truly! :o)

  4. very motivating and true! can totally relate

  5. Sheetal, Thanks! I am glad you could relate!

  6. Hmmmmm.Interesting.
    Mother getting Inspiration fm daughter.Shaa- bash....!!

  7. I enjoyed reading your blog.. and truly agree that motivation is all around you... in things you see everyday...

  8. i m feeling inspiration all around..ty

  9. so I know you gave disabled comments from your blog. Came to read your old posts for some motivation. Done with college in a few days and starting my fitness journey.
    It would be great if you could do a post on your initial diet chart! Cause I would really like to know.
    Did you eat carbs at all!
    Was it only salad for dinner? I mean eventually you eat everything but what about when you started out?
    Also anyone else who has a similar story on their blog which motivated you?

  10. awaiting your reply :)
    P.s your blog has really grown and your photographs are fabulous!!


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