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I want my own Obama!

"The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit, to choose our better history, to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness." - Barack Obama, President of United States of America

I was extremely overwhelmed while watching the Inaugural Ceremony today. Our generation will proudly boast of being part of this historic event. It was inundating to observe the calm on Barack Obama’s face and the pride in his wife Michelle Obama’s eyes. While I am extremely happy for him and the Americans and the people worldwide who believe that Obama stands for hope, but I can not deny that I was (and am still) a little envious too. When I saw the expression of people in the crowd, of joy and happiness, I realized I have never felt (yet!) what these people are feeling. 

At that moment I coveted for that same experience that America was going through. Having that one leader who would stand for hope and joy, who would make you believe that your nation can over come racial-religious-political barriers and break new grounds. I yearn for my country to produce a leader who would stand for “the people” and honor us with this same gratitude and hopefulness. 

Obama’s victory is “human” victory at some level and I do not mean to sound territorial here. None-the-less I yearn for the feeling of pride which was in Michelle Obama’s eyes and the same confidence which was on the faces of people in the crowd and the same optimism which this nation (U.S. of A) is moving forward with. I guess what I am saying is - I want my own Obama! NOW! 



  1. I had the same feeling....
    I hated the way they kept saying he's the leader of the free world.. hes not the leader of the 'world'.. n america's bin free like forever...
    N tanvi rastogi until Obama does something for India Im not a fan!!!!
    desi girl

  2. Fair enough, I'm buying one of these next time we meet.

  3. MM - I get it. But I do not really expect him to do anything for India. He has enough on his plate dealing with the problems of US! And I didn't mean I am a fan of his. I just admire what all he stands for in public eyes!

  4. Haha Aspi-G! You know I didn't mean that! But I would take it as a "historic" momento :o)

  5. I watched the whole ceremony and forced my kids to watch with me. It was momentous and special. Older son sat on the couch and held my hand the whole time. Younger son played Legos in front of the TV and only looked when Obama said the oath.

    Tanvi you are too young to remember but Indians had some of the same feelings when Rajiv Gandhi won the elections in the 1980's. He was supposed to be Mr. Clean (and also Mr. Good Looking!)Too bad he adopted the ways of politics.

  6. Meetu Di - I was 2 years old then! Although I distinctly remember feeling sad when I heard about his assassination. So you already had your own "Obama" ... I still need mine :o)

  7. I was, ahem!, maybe 5 years old too....

  8. I agree Tanvi... the feeling that he can turn things around and bring in a change... i wish we could hope for the same thing from someone in India... though in our case we need clean-up at all levels..

  9. Yeh! I always njoy watching these historic moments.We Indians do hav dynamic young heroes nd can bring them fwd with the help of seniors leaving the desire for CHAIR!!Pledge to fight curruption n masses help can bring the LIGHT.

  10. Sheffali - I hope we find that "cleaner" soon! :o)

    Maa - Again, I hope we get 'rid' of these seniors and find our 'hero' soon!


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