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Ghajini - A Debacle or a Miracle?

Let me answer that question right away - It's a Miracle in my eyes! With everyone bashing it down it's still making millions and breaking records (it's 'cool' to dislike this movie or what?). Although I have been accused (by myself :P) of being an intransigent Aamir Khan fan, I would just like to give the guy his due. I simply appreciate his hard-work and dedication and hell - no one can deny that his acting is top-notch! I am going to take the liberty (I'm sure the producers won't mind) and clarify 5 accusations which I have heard most, being made towards the movie:

1. It's too violent! 
Hello??? It's an ACTION movie which was quite visible in the promotion and trailers. If you didn't wanna see violence why'd you go for it? Besides, apart from the last 30 minutes of the movie there isn't "much" violence to complain about. So, STOP being a baby about it. 

2. Asin's character was 'goody-two-shoes'
When is a Hindi movie actress (or actor for that matter) not a goody-two-shoes? I thought she had a touch of Sridevi and a very expressive face. Infact, SRK's character in RNBDJ was almost a wanna-be goody-two-shoes itself, if nothing more.

3. It's a copy of Momento
... and your point is? So what if it's a sparsely influenced by an another good movie? Half the Hindi movies made are a copy of each other if not straight away taken off from a Hollywood film. This one at least boosted of some addition and subtraction to the script(I do appreciate the work of new directors who broke all grounds last year and made movies absolutely NEW to Indian Cinema) 

4. It's a Masala movie
And who said otherwise? But it was good Masala movie, with excellent music score from A.R.Rahman, total filmy action, decent romantic angle, and an item song along with some excellent acting. So I don't know again - why the 'complaining' ? It definitely doesn't deserve an Oscar nomination but it was a total Paisa Vasool!

5. It was not what they expected from Aamir
That was the point. He was trying to do old-style-regular Indian Masala film, getting away from the realistic-world. But of course people try to see logic where it's not required. They want more perfection from "The Perfectionist" (and what? - Only Drama from SRK). I'll settle for that! Expecting more from Aamir can only mean good for him ...

So I guess what I am trying to say is that the movie was always meant to be everything people are 'accusing" it to be, they just didn't like it. And just because some people didn't like it (which is absolutely acceptable), it doesn't mean it's not worth a watch! 

P.S. 2 weeks since it's release and still going strong! [Am I fan or what? :P]


  1. Well done mam. You always win. You did prove your point. he he

  2. Nobody could have put it better.

    Additionally, if I may, there's this other accusation that the movie is a scene to scene copy of Tamil Ghajini. And who denied it?? Aamir didn't and nor did Murigadoss.

    In fact, Aamir mentioned in one of his interviews that he is trying hard not to act like Surya. I think that itself speaks about the guys honesty.

    Just my 20 cents!!! :)

  3. Im speechless after reading. U win!

  4. Kiran - I always admire your openness to accept ideas! You are awesome! :o)

    Baba - You are Bang On, right! :o) Thanks again for always being on my side!

    Tanuj - *Big Smile* There is no feeling like winning! But I guess Aamir wins, not Me :o)

  5. U hav done it again dear!
    Very well analized.Strong opinion presented in a flexible manner.

  6. when we saw it in telugu,we were mesmerised with surya..n thought the magic wont be reproduced in hindi version but we were so wrongggg...its way better in hindi...aamir rocks!!!


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