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I believe I am a fashion junkie. Let me make it clear here that, not 'shopping' but fashion, is what attracts me. With time I have managed to develop my own fashion sense and discovered what works and what doesn't work on me (and sometimes also on others). I am one of those people for whom designers think out of the box for and wish someone would take risks and try something new. I like to be on the edge-different-experimental from rock chic-bohemian-hippie-biker girl-classic Hollywood-to anything! I am someone who tries to make a statement without really being in your face. And I do all this without really going crazy on shopping or spending a lot of money on clothes. How do I do it? Well, that's my trade secret but I am willing to share some pointers if anyone is listening...

I do not like 'copying' someone's look. If I like what someone is wearing you can bet I will be adding my own twist to it. I don't make any effort to dress according to what's in fashion (unless of course it's going to highlight my toned body *wink*). If I already own something which is in fashion then it's another story, though!

9 out of 10 times I can also create a new look with stuff I already own. I just simply have to mix & match my accessories and shoes and - Voila! I am brand new! 

Someone had recently honored me with the title - nonconformist and I carry it with pride. I do not like to wear something just because it's in fashion. I like to wear my mood! and it would be very out-of-character for me if I didn't agree that I LOVE it when people stop by to compliment or when their heads turn to get a second look (not at me, but my clothes I assume)! 


  1. Very fashionable description of your addiction! Hats (they in fashionn na? ;-) ) off!!

  2. Anita - Witty, huh? :o)

    Viintii - Thank You!


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